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    pmonaco on #6952

    thank you Simon – do you work at AE?

    I’m not terribly pressed on timeline, as the other company I contacted told me approximately 2 months, but I suspect AE may be able to offer better value (based on prices in the thread I read earlier). If it is possible to do somewhere in maybe 3ish months I would be on board with that. But I would want to get the project scoped out, budgeted, and booked, even if it was going to take 3+ months.

    Thanks for your help.

    simon5 on #6953

    Hello pmonaco,

    I don’t work at AE, I just help him from times to times on the forum.

    I wasn’t precise enough, I’m sorry about that misunderstanding. When I say short term, it can be several months where John will not make any cabinets. That means I doubt it will be done in 3ish months, so there’s a chance you will not be satisfied…

    John has work in front of him until at least late June considering the big group buy he did, not taking new orders into account that he will receive in the mean time.

    thetubeguy1954 on #6954

    I’m considering making my own version of Dick Olsher’s Basszilla speaker. I want to use the P1524 on the bottom with my Fostex FE208ES-R & Fostex T900a mounted on an OB above that. Call me loco, but I cannot find the price for the P1524 kit. So would someone mind answering a three questions for me?

    1) What would a P1524 kit cost?

    2) What is the cost of the two suggested 15″ drivers used in these kit?

    3) What is the cost of the quad of 18″ PR’s I need to use with these kit?

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    simon5 on #6955

    If I can read correctly the last part of first post, seems prices have been revised at it would be like 899$ for a cabinet… I will try to reach John about it ! 8)

    stryke on #6956

    @thetubeguy1954 wrote:

    1) What would a P1524 kit cost?

    Quite simply the cabinet work had been done far too cheap. Once I began to look at the quality of work others were putting out and their pricing, I realized that the work done here is completely in another league. The P1524 is a very large cabinet with 2 15″ woofers and 4 18″ PR cutouts. They are significantly larger than the XLerators done for Warpdrv on AVS. Pricing on the P1524 will start at $1300 and go up from there depending on the veneer chosen and type of finish applied. Dual layer baltic birch construction, magnetic grills with magnets buried under the veneer, billet aluminum feet, 3″ radius corners, etc

    If you haven’t seen the details on the XLerators, here is a pic and link:


    2) What is the cost of the two suggested 15″ drivers used in these kit?

    The AV woofers are no longer available. They may make a return sometime in the future if I can find a reliable spider vendor. TD15H’s can also be used with good success. They will just require some EQ on the bottom end, or the cabinet can be tuned higher. In the case of a 2 channel music system, tuning around 22hz instead of 16Hz would be the way to go. They also give far more efficiency than the AV15 would. The TD15H is $309 each.

    3) What is the cost of the quad of 18″ PR’s I need to use with these kit?

    The PR’s are around $125 each. The whole package deal would come with a discount though if purchased all together.

    Best Regards,

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