P Series Cabinet and Kit Pricing

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    bsoko2 on #6902

    Anything new?

    simon5 on #6903

    What ? ❓

    simon5 on #6924

    To answer some questions in this thread :

    John told me he can build a larger custom P1524 if needed to reach lower in frequency. It might need some EQ.

    John told me he can build a larger custom P1524 built to house an HE15 if needed to reach lower in frequency. It might need some EQ.

    Intro pricing is not in effect anymore, but the kit discount is still in effect.

    linh811 on #6925

    did my post get deleted?

    simon5 on #6926

    Not at all Sir.

    Check the thread just below this one. John moved your post to a new thread and answered your question. 8)

    SteveA on #6927

    Regarding the kit pricing I have a question (perhaps obvious to everyone else but then I’m Norwegian). For example, P1512 kit retail, discount and sale read $1098, $998 and $898. Does that include the cabinet (or did that include the cabinet)?

    simon5 on #6928

    Yes, that include the cabinet.

    The pricing in the left column means hardware only, in the right column it’s hardware and the cabinet.

    Sale price isn’t in effect anymore, but discount pricing is still in effect.

    T6902wf on #6929

    Are there any simulations or measurements for the 2 AV15 4 18″ Passive radiator Kit?


    simon5 on #6930

    Did I miss anything ?

    Do you mean dual AV15 with quad PR18s ? If yes, it will simulate exactly the same as a single AV15 with dual PR18s, but 6 dB higher because it can take twice the power input and also it’s more efficient.

    T6902wf on #6931

    Sorry I edited my post I meant 2 AV15’s

    thejck on #6932

    How long before these can be purchased again?

    simon5 on #6933

    There’s no timetable, but it should be quite soon.

    thejck on #6934

    Any updates on the availability of the AV drivers for these subs?

    simon5 on #6935

    Not yet…

    EdN on #6936

    I’m interested in buying the P1512 cabinet for use with the old Stryke He15 driver and 2 PR18 2500g PRs.
    I bought these about 10 years ago together with a 22in cube (4cf), with 1.5in thick panels. The results were awesome but, unfortunately, I didn’t do a very good job in finishing the cabinet. My wife has been complaining about it ever since. I want to replace it with the P1512. I assume the larger volume (5.5cf) should not hurt the performance.
    1. How thick are the panels on the P1512?
    2. Do the grills come with it?
    3. Will the cutouts and countersinks be okay? I believe the cutout for the HE15 is 14in and the countersink
    is 15.75in. I assume that my PRs are the same as the ones used now.
    4. What is the present cost for a P1512?

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