Open Ballfle with fullrange and Dipole 15

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    Zicdave on #10758

    Most importantly the electronic bits… :
    The AER is left alone. just it is padded down to 95 db with high quality ceramic resistors… (Monacor)
    As I have done measurements and simulation on the AER on this baffle, I already knew the bass response in OB is very weak. The Dipole 15 is paralleled to 4 ohm, so the sensitivity is already up. Also it will have to work again a 16 Ohm driver (14 if measured). So the differences between sensitivity are balancing out. The Dipole 15 is currently just filtered passively with a 4,5 mH coil (laminate copper coil) (bloody 200 USD a pair).

    So the rule of the Dipole is to support the AER, as much as possible and perfectly fits to the loss curve of the AER. It looks like it had been filtered 6db/oct from 250 Hz… so the Calculations were easy…

    I will do the measurements soon to see the scientific bit as well….
    The AER driver first was mounted from the back, looked better but I had a phase difference… didn’t sound right… mounted from the front… perfect immediately. Obviously could had been avoided with DSP and active bi amp from the first time, but I was really curious of a passive system first.
    Now the most difficult bit… how does it sound??? Well impossible to describe. I will try to make a YouTube video. Which still doesn’t give back the feeling of it… it nailed me to the sofa for three days continuously. I was amazed by the details, the quickness of this speaker. And it is all emphasized by the AE Dipole…
    The simulations were done with the standard EDGE before. Both drivers are off set. The layout is a bit circular, but it isn’t at the end and by offsetting them really avoids any resonance…

    Tested with all sorts of music.

    On solo classical/jazz instruments. It is amazing. Phenomenal. You could see the player. You hear the noise from the instrument itself, as clicking of the piano, or the rattling of double bass or cello.
    Bach, Cello sonatas, starker.

    Chamber music. All players place is heard precisely… all instruments in detail, the sum is perfect. I have never heard chamber music before like this.
    Jordi Savall. Anything. La folia recommended

    Singer. Opera. God. God and my God. And again. They are in my living room… F****.
    Villazon, Pavarotti, archive Gigli and Di Stephano and Callas…

    Jazz singers. I am in a jazz pub. Oh no it is my living room… where is the smoke coming from?
    Krall, Morgana King, Norah Jones, Stacey kent…

    Opera. I think a good opera record is a cutting edge for the speakers. At least one of… I am an opera fun. I have been sitting in the first row of the Scala. Or the MET. No compromise. Only pleasure. The Dipoles are the base, no doubt. They support the fullranges and you feel like you really saw the stage. The choruses, the orchestral groups… the solists… and I have come to the limit, where I can understand why different CD companies are criticized for their recording qualities… there is a huge difference between EMI and DG, Decca and RCA… I never heard this difference. and it really matters… God. I am destroyed. I become a fussy idiot.

    The further plan for these is to change the amplification to active + DSP for the bass units… a project for next year. I know it will take me further now and I know I want to make this step because I hear the baffle roll off loss. But even so it is the most phenomenal piece of kit I ever had.

    I will update you with the final version next year.

    The messages: (to me at least..)

    The AE Speakers company runs a very honest, very nice service, congratulation to it. After this their products are extremely good quality. Not mass produced, nearly custom built.

    It well worth to try other speakers for this project before, as at least now I know these are the BEST. Stopped looking for other…

    yklivan on #10769

    Hi, I also wish to build a pair of OB speakers with my AER MK1. May I have all the detailed information on your pair, included dimensions and the crossover, etc. Thanks.

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