Open Ballfle with fullrange and Dipole 15

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    Zicdave on #1160

    Dear All,

    Finally I managed to finish my project. It took me a half a year to pull all it together.

    it was a quite plastic plan to start with. I think we are all similar in a way we star to get better and even better results from ourselves. I was infected by the presence feeling of the open Baffle speakers. Many reading, listening and dreaming, planning before… I was first into the fullrange drivers.

    there were a couple of candidates, I have listened to:

    Undoubtedly the AER was the best one among the listed one. Managed to get a used one on ebay. and for the fracture of an original price I managed to completely restore it to brand new condition.
    The No 2 is the Sonido. And the cheapest as well. Amazing price/quality ratio .

    The woofers are the most challenging points of the OB projects as we know….

    The gold standard and undeservedly famous? – tried. not high end voice. boommy, muddy mass bass. the high bass pleasant, but somehow not precise. – I have to confecc only heard from youtube and the team was extremely helpful.
    The Oleg Rullit special bamboo wooden cone driver was extraordinary good. I had it for several months but as Oleg never ads TS parameters to his speakers which makes the handling and EQ difficult. Actually they are extremely high quality products. In my particular project I had to change it as I was getting cancellations with it and I wasn’t getting the response I have expected.
    and the final bet is
    AE Dipole 15…
    No compromise. I am happy that I have done this travel. When you arrive where you immediately feel right: you home. Safe and dry…
    like the dipole products.

    As I have told it to john as well, I have a serious issue with the rest of the world, after listening to their woofers. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not millionaire, and 600 USD for a set of woofers is a hell a lot of money… but for the quality you get, it is nothing. I have seen and heard speakers over 1500 USD not even in the same league… I am curious now about their other woofers and midranges and really looking forward to have an order for sealed/ bass reflex box…
    I have no financial interest to john. I am just leaving an honest feedback…
    If you are planning / considering to buy one do it safely. Professional pleasant customer service. And professional shipping. Yes, I had to wait for 5 weeks. And?

    Finally about the project:

    The love story of AER MK1 and Dipole 15….

    will be continued…

    Zicdave on #10754

    The front panel was covered with a protective layer later to save from injury

    Zicdave on #10755

    The assemble was made in the garden, which in UK is a strongly weather limited thing.. 🙂

    The layers were glued and screwed together. The screws after drying were removed. I didn’t believe in clipping, as I tried it before and I found the screw in multiple locations provides stronger pressure.

    It took two weeks to get all the layers together.

    Zicdave on #10763

    I know the woodwork bit will leave a bit of room to criticize, but anyhow. It was a long procedure to assemble all the layers together. As the CNC did a good job, I had less than a millimeter discrepancies on the edges and I ended up with a very reasonable and smooth surface…

    Zicdave on #10764

    The next step took three days again. Sanding, and sanding… and a bit more sanding….

    Zicdave on #10765

    Finally the front panel was glued. For this layer i have to admit I had to use clips….

    Zicdave on #10766

    After drying it for a week (my wife mercifully let us indoor) I have applied the primer coat of paint.

    Zicdave on #10767

    And here are the proper pictures….

    three layers were applied and the layers were sanded with 120, than 180 and with 240 sanding paper…

    Zicdave on #10768

    The first idea was applying a special paint, which was a structured, stone like paint… The science behind it is the structured paint is not reflecting the resonances as much the smooth surface. The result was good, but I didn’t really like it as a colour… I wanted something else

    It was good, but I wanted something better colour match… basically i was wrong, i have to admit…

    Zicdave on #10759

    Luckily when it has dried completely become pale and witheish. So it was ready to take any colour on the top of it. It has attached to the primer coat very well, so I have gained a kind of textured intermediate layer from it, even if it was aimed to be the final layer.

    The varnish was a quick drying one, so I was able to finish the front varnihs in two days. The varnihs layers were sanded with 300 sanding paper between tha layers. very smooth result.

    Zicdave on #10760

    The first layer of varnish

    Zicdave on #10761

    Luckily the vardnish were sitting very very nicely on the top of the textured paint. The result was really really good. Uneven surface on the back and smooth surface on the front.

    Three layers of satin clear varnish was applied to the front panel for a further gloss…

    And finally i was indoor…

    Zicdave on #10762

    The drivers..

    The fullrange was undebateble AER MK1.

    The bass unit was first time Oleg Rullit’s wooden cone driver, especially designed for open baffle and free air applications… I have never heard such high bass details before. The reason why i had to swap it, it had no TS dataat all apart from the impedance which made the use of it difficult and I think I was getting cancellation from my installation… It went right down to 30 Hz on free air, but never went below 60 Hz on baffle… Disaster. The unit was returned to Oleg, who was a perfect gentleman and returned the money for it.

    I really felt bad about it as this speaker is a gem… but it didnt work in my hand. (or in my baffle…)

    Zicdave on #10756

    as I wasn’t happy with the result… i had to step further.. and this is where i met John, from AE Speakers…

    I have been waiting 5-6 weeks to put my hand on these drivers…

    The wait well worth it. They are amazing. Never heard anything better… compared to Oleg’s drivers, they play effortless bass, right down to the 30 hz. Uncolored, detailed… The high bass is uncolored compared to Rullit’s driver, that one had a warmer, more human tone… but this driver in overall is the best woofer i ever heard in open baffle installation….

    The build quality is nothing but superb. massive frame, the membrane is specially rigid, the magnet is huge, the suspension is firm, but still under hung… the electronic part is I think in preference to PA systems, but still very easy to use. The mounting of the driver is easy, user friendly. Couldn’t be better.

    The price/ quality ratio is the best best best ever I got so far….

    The wires are 99,999% silver OFC 2,5mm specially for audio. practically zero distorsion.

    Zicdave on #10757


    And the final result is:

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