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    Lazz on #1292

    I am thinking about building a ‘sort of’ clone of the Steinway Lyngdorf Model D using AE woofers. Looking at the specs/performance there are quite a few models that looks like they would work. The IB12 4ohm seems to look ok and is the cheapest $. Any recommendations for any of the other models in the AE range and why? Any advice would be appreciated. Also i have a few options in regards to mids and tweeter. I will be using active xo.Thx.

    Face on #11176

    Dipole 12, Dipole 6, and BG Neo 3.

    Lazz on #11177

    Wondering why is the dipole 12 better than the Ib 12 when the IB 12 has lower fs, better xmax, higher power rating, Regards.

    Face on #11179

    @lazz wrote:

    Wondering why is the dipole 12 better than the Ib 12 when the IB 12 has lower fs, better xmax, higher power rating, Regards.


    stryke on #11180

    I actually just finished uploading new pics of the Dipole12 earlier today and writing up some information for them. For the small additional cost though, I would go with the Dipole15 instead. Much more displacement for only $20 increase in price.

    The Dipole series are the only design with the underhung motor for the most Bl linearity. They also have a very short coil which makes them have some of the lowest inductance of all the woofers we option. The suspension is quite soft, allowing them to be quite efficient on the low end. They require very little power to move to high excursions. They also have more overall efficiency than the IB series woofers.

    MJK is now using the Dipole15’s in his reference system seen here:

    He states “For this new system I decided to step up to probably the best dipole woofer money can buy, the Acoustic Elegance Dipole 15. I ordered four of these drivers and a few weeks later they arrived. The Acoustic Elegance Dipole 15 is the work of a real craftsman with a machined cast frame, a huge magnet, and a stiff paper cone with a large silver phase plug at the center.”

    Others using the Dipole woofers:!kronos/kronos.html!gaia/gaia.html

    Lazz on #11178

    Hi thx for the info. I’m leaning towards the Dipole 15’s now. For the above speaker design using 4×15/channel would you use the dipole 15d8 to finish up with a 4ohm impedance? Also do you think that the bass response/sound from 4×15’s / channel would be ok in a 22’x15’x12′ LxWxH room? I am after accurate sound quality and relatively “lifelike dynamics” for big orchestral type music amongst other types of music.Regards.

    stryke on #11181

    If you have an amplifier that works well at 4ohm I would use the D8 woofers. I would wire the coils in series for 16ohm per driver and then drivers in parallel for 4ohm total. A total of 8 Dipole15’s even on an open baffle can provide some very good output. They will be extremely accurate and you will be able to reproduce the dynamics you are looking for with lots of headroom.

    The 2x Dipole6 would work very well in the MTM in the middle. Ideally I would look at the Mundorf AMT units as the high end if you are going for the ultimate system.

    Lazz on #11174

    I am considering the Dipole6, but would like to see some curves and measurements/ specs please. Thx.

    stryke on #11175

    The Dipole6 is available only in a single 8ohm option. Here are parameters:

    Fs: 79hz
    Qms: 11.7
    Vas: 10.3L
    Cms: .45mm/N
    Mms: 9g
    Rms: .38
    Xmax: 3mm(one way)
    Xmech: 8mm
    Sd: 127sqcm
    Qes: .78
    Re: 6ohm
    Le: .086mH
    Z: 8ohm
    Bl: 5.9Tm
    Pe: 50w
    Qts: .72
    1WSPL: 90.2dB
    2.83V: 91.4dB

    Here are some rough curves we measured a long time ago. The yellow curve is close mic and the others are at 0, 22.5 and 45degrees off axis.

    meb46 on #11182

    Interesting idea… I will be following this discussion avidly! Currently looking for my next speaker project, and perhaps a Dipole/Open Baffle Project is up for investigation!

    Lazz on #11183

    Hello John. I received a message from Jessica saying that my drivers should hopefully be ready soon. So i just want to start nutting out some details regarding my plans. Can you tell me what the expected spl figure would be for the woofers in the wiring scheme you recommended above. Also i have heard excellent comments regarding the Mundorf AMT tweeters but with so many different models on the pdf you linked to is there one that you would recommend to try with the construction i have in mind.Thx

    stryke on #11184

    If wired the 4 drivers to end up with a 4ohm load per channel you would end up with 96dB 1W efficiency from the system with 100dB at 2.83V. Realize that the baffle is going to roll off the low end so you will get that efficiency only above where the baffle rolloff begins. The Mundorf AMT25D6.1-R appears to be a very good option. It is on page 14 here:

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