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    stryke on #1212


    If you haven’t liked Acoustic Elegance LLC on Facebook yet, now is the time to do it!

    Here is the news you have all been waiting for. This is the first of the contests that will be run this year. This one is for those who are current AE customers. Many of you have great builds using Acoustic Elegance woofers. Acoustic Elegance doesn’t spend any money on advertising. It is because of the great referrals from those using our products that our woofers continue to be offered at such a great value. Whether you have done a home theater installation, recording studio, live sound system, or custom vehicle install, you now have a chance to be rewarded for your great work as a way to thank you for your referrals.

    How to enter:

    To enter the “Monthly Installation Contest”, all you have to do is send in a link with pictures and information on your build. If you have an installation you would like to submit but need a place to document it, you are welcome to use the installation gallery on the forum to do so. The winner of the contest each month will receive a FREE Standard TD, IB, or SBP woofer of your choosing, from 6.5″ up through the 15″! Submissions will be allowed up until the 22nd of each month. A minimum of 5 submissions are needed or the contest will be held over until the next month until the minimum number of submissions are reached.

    Submissions can be made by messaging them directly on Facebook, or by emailing info(at) referencing “Monthly Installation Contest” in the subject. This first month some extra time will be allowed for submissions. Beginning now submissions will be accepted for voting to begin May 23.

    How to win:

    The submissions received will be put up in an album under the Acoustic Elegance Facebook Photos where the fans will choose the winner for the month! An image will be put up for each of the submissions along with a brief overview and a link to the full documentation provided.

    The voting will be as follows. Each “like” of your photo will be worth 1 point. Each “share” will be worth 5 points. The most points received by the last day of the month at midnight determines the winner. Tell your friends to like our page so they can vote by “liking” and “sharing” your submission! The more pictures and better information you have documented, the more likely people will be to “like” your project.

    Thank you again to those who have been giving Acoustic Elegance such good references. Good luck to those who wish to enter the “Monthly Installation Contest”. Spread the word, tell your friends and fellow audiophiles and Let it begin!

    Jessica on #10886

    Just an update.. We only received 4 submissions for the Free Woofer contest. The contest is still open pending additional entries required. If you are interested in entering, submissions can be made by messaging them directly on Facebook, or by emailing info(at) referencing “Monthly Installation Contest” in the subject.

    sierrarider on #10887

    As soon as I have a build, I will be entering!

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