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    stryke on #9812

    Just a quick update. I had hoped to get the rest of the woofers done before the end of the year but that just didn’t happen. I am still short staffed here as Alyssa has had continual health issues and hasn’t been here much. I get what I can done to get invoices out, ship product, etc but as I do that my time is taken away from building woofers as well. I also had had a few OEM customers with immediate needs that took up a lot of my time over the past several weeks and had Tom occupied as well. I am now back to building more of the group buy woofers the rest of this week. All of the drivers shipping now are going with phase plugs. I have a extra plugs for the 12’s and for the TD15 apollos. Once Alyssa is back here I can get her go through those who hadn’t received them, package and ship some of those out. The ones for the regular TD15’s however I did not get enough of. The machine shop will be working on another batch of phase plugs shortly. They were nice enough to work some into their schedule so I didn’t have to ship more drivers without them, but the remainder of the order had to wait.

    truthseeker, you have 2 TD15M-8ohm on the table which will be done and ship next week. moody, you have 1 TD15M-8ohm done and the second is on the table. I also have the 2 TD15H-8ohm on the table which will also be done at the same time. You will both get email right away then.

    Apollo motors for the TD6’s are assembled and will be built next. Apollo plates are made for the TD18H-A and the interior apollo rings will be done tomorrow so I can get those done as well.


    stryke on #9813

    The last few TD15M-8 are now shipped, or ready to ship pending a payment. I am shipping 9 TD15M-4 apollos and 2 of the TD18H-4 apollos today as well. TD15M-4 I have 3 left to make to fill all of those. Those are next. Also in this next batch are a dozen of the the TD12S-8 for various people. Those will ship next week.


    stryke on #9814

    I will state this one more time. This thread is for posting updates and not questions. I have stated on multiple occasions that if you would like to ask questions or make comments, please start another thread. It is very simple and your questions will be answered there and not deleted. Also please have your full name in your profile or I will have no ability to know who you are even.

    stryke on #9811

    Friday I picked up the remaining phase plugs. They will be sanded over the next few days and sent out for anodizing. Those who are waiting for phase plugs will get them shipped out as soon as they come back.

    The remaining TD12S-8ohm that are on the tables should be finished up by Wed. This leaves less than 40 total woofers left to complete out of the 250 total. I am hoping to finish all of those within the next few weeks.


    stryke on #9815

    A bunch of TD woofers were shipped out last week and on monday this week. Some had been sitting for awhile pending final payment, others were in the build list last week. That leaves about 30 to complete at this point. Of those 30 we have 12 on the table right now. Those are expected to ship this week with the final 18 being completed next week. That will finalize all the group buy orders.

    I also have close to 100 phase plugs brushed up and ready to go off to be anodized tomorrow. I expect that they will be back by the end of the week. There are around 10 people yet waiting for phase plugs for drivers that were shipped without them. Alyssa had put together a list of everyone who was waiting for them. Jana will be able to sort through that list, package phase plugs, and get them shipped as soon as they come back from being anodized.

    I will give another update once those phase plugs come back, then one final update as the last drivers have been completed.


    mrk7 on #9816

    Please provide overdue update.

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