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    stryke on #968

    As some of you already know, I was approached by Dave Newman about the possibility of a group buy for the TD woofers. There has been quite a bit of interest and buzz on various forums about the possibility of this happening. I am now happy to announce the official details on this group buy. I am currently in the process of ordering raw steel parts and frames from China. Offering this group buy now is ideal as it allows me to add some quantity to the current order and pass on that discount to those getting in on the group buy. Currently parts are scheduled to be leaving China at the end of October. That would put parts here at the end of November. At that same time, I will be bringing in someone as a partner to help with the work load. This will allow us to fill the group buy orders in a timely manner and from that point on be able to keep future lead times down. Once the steel arrives we will do the final machining processes to our tight tolerances and apply the copper sleeves that are critical to every TD woofer. Drivers will be assembled and shipped as soon as the first parts return from the plating facility. This will tentatively be the middle of December. I will have a more definite date once there is a final count on the woofers and a confirmed shipping schedule for the parts. This will depend on the final count of drivers.

    Any of the TD woofers will be included in this group buy and the cumulative number between all models will determine the total. This includes the TD6’s, TD10’s, TD12’s, TD15’s and TD18’s. Due to the parts supply and what is being ordered, Dipole woofers of any size cannot be included in this group buy. The discount percentage will be 25% off the single piece retail if less than 50 drivers are ordered, or 30% if 50 or more drivers are ordered. This is a significant discount which reflects the highest level OEM quantity pricing. I am only able to offer this kind of discount to DIY customers in return for both the quantity, and the wait time of parts coming from China. I think it is a good situation that benefits both myself and all those who will be able to take advantage of this pricing.

    Here is how the pricing would look:
    Item Retail 25%disc 30%disc
    TD6 $189 $142 $132
    TD10 $269 $202 $189
    TD12 $289 $217 $203
    TD15 $309 $232 $217
    TD18 $449 $337 $315

    To secure your order at the discounted prices, we will need an email confirming the model and quantity of your order by 12:00pm (Noon) Central time on October 17. Email for this group buy can be sent to TDgroupbuy @ aespeakers.com. At the closing of the group buy we will send Paypal invoices for a 50% down payment with the appropriate discount applied, based on total quantity ordered. We need to receive these payments by Midnight CST Saturday Oct. 22nd. The final 50% balance plus shipping will be due prior to shipment.

    In addition to the group buy, some new exciting options are becoming available to use the TD woofers. Mark Seaton will be posting shortly with some information on a 2way kit he has developed using the TD15M. This is a great opportunity to pick up the required TD15M’s at a discount. In addition I will have some other plans that I will be posting up over the next few weeks using TD woofers as well.

    If you have further questions on the group buy, you can feel free to post them here.

    Best Regards,

    Skeud- on #9528

    thanks John for offering this group buy, email sent^^

    sveinungm on #9527

    No dipole drivers? That was disappointing…

    What should we who want to order dipole drivers do?

    dnewma04 on #9529

    Deleted by dnewma04

    Tea-Bag on #9531

    I am in only if the Dipole-15’s count for this, but understand if they are not.

    penngray on #9532

    I have created a thread on AVS


    2 1/2 weeks is a pretty tight schedule, I hope we have enough traffic.

    Maybe someone could post a link to DIYAudio.com group buy thread???

    penngray on #9533

    Can the payment be made by credit card?

    GranteedEV on #9534

    Is it possible to get the TD12M cloth surround on a TD12X? I don’t really need the extra high excursion of the X because I will be using subs crossed around 80 to 100hz, but I do want the extra un-eqed extension in a sealed box to hit that ~90hz F3 point and i’m willing to trade off efficiency. Or does it not work like that?

    nottaway on #9535

    @stryke wrote:

    Mark Seaton will be posting shortly with some information on a 2way kit he has developed using the TD15M. John

    Now IS the time for him to post if he’s got it all ironed out……

    Mark Seaton on #9536

    Hi all, I wanted to drop in and confirm that a cabinet of my design will be available for purchase which will be fully finished and ready to screw in the QSC waveguide available from PE and any TD15 driver (X/H/M). These will be sold directly by the cabinet build house who currently builds most of our cabinets as seen in this thread on my forum.

    They won’t be cheap (won’t know pricing for 1-2 weeks), but you won’t need to make ANY sawdust to get up and running. Let’s call it “screwdriver-ready.” Assuming assembly goes as planned, I’ll see the first sample cabinet next week, and we’ll be showing them and a few other cabinets at a table next to Parts Express in the lobby at RMAF. For those who want to work out their own finishing of the cabinets, we will also offer them in raw MDF, but the construction is fully mitered, so all seams are tight with no end grain to deal with. Oh yeah, magnetic grills too. 🙂

    After the cabinets are sorted, I will be working on a “screwdriver-ready” kit. One option will include a passive crossover of my design, but I don’t have a timeline on that yet. Even before the passive crossover design is offered, any DIYer can be up and running in a weekend with an active system using a DCX-2496, MiniDSP or iNuke/IPR DSP amp (one amp per speaker would be pretty slick).

    skywave-rider on #9537

    The inevitable question…
    Any plans for doing this with for a 12″?

    When you can post or link to pics, or drawings, it would be appreciated.

    Mark Seaton on #9538

    @skywave-rider wrote:

    The inevitable question…
    Any plans for doing this with for a 12″?

    When you can post or link to pics, or drawings, it would be appreciated.

    Once the first ones are done, it’s not hard for me to shrink the cabinet some for the 12″ woofer. That said, I started with the 15″ as the bang/buck and overall performance is more impressive, and the off axis difference of the 12″ vs. 15″ is not huge in the 1-2kHz range where we care about in this case (maybe 3dB difference at 40 deg). John and Nick before him have repeatedly noted that the 15″ has the nicest behavior at the upper octaves. The cost difference is small between the drivers, and I expect the cost difference in the boxes will be small as well, which basically leaves the biggest difference being size… Go big or go home. 😛

    One of the reasons I am taking on this effort it that my cabinet shop is set up well for both small quantity builds and short lead times (generally shipping in 2 weeks for veneered/finished cabinets). Once the CNC programming is done and the assembly process is defined, we can do a variety of things. That said, I much prefer to focus on getting a few options done right and well polished.

    A level of polish and design maturity is what I see a lack of for such designs, and I feel that is where we can offer something different.

    skywave-rider on #9539

    Thanks, Mark. My concern is C to C distance, not the upper FR of the 15″ and dispersion which I know is particularly well behaved and could match well with the QSC. If I could custom build my own, I would route into the QSC wg as the late Zilch had done to get closer still. The CNC pics you post look really great. I can only wait and see.

    noah katz on #9540

    Hi Mark,

    “…the off axis difference of the 12″ vs. 15″ is not huge in the 1-2kHz range where we care about in this case (maybe 3dB difference at 40 deg).”

    Seems to me that’s exactly why the 12″ is the sweet spot – close to the same performance with half the box volume.

    Do you really think the 12” is in any way inadequate for home use when crossed to subs?

    “John and Nick before him have repeatedly noted that the 15” has the nicest behavior at the upper octaves.”

    Does that hold for the TD12M?

    noah katz on #9541


    I just noticed the Apollo upgrade to the TD12M,two additional aluminum shorting rings.

    Are there any quantified and/or audible improvements if XO’d at 1.2 kHz?

    Will the same discount apply?

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