OB15 x 4 in IB for music?

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    NiToNi on #1334

    Got four of the OB15 woofers that I’m thinking of building two IB manifolds for with two drivers in each as two subs for music in a home studio.

    Modeling seems to indicate that with 250W per woofer, each would hit Xmax 18mm at 30Hz @ 111db and Xmech at 20Hz @ 107 dB. With a 1st order BW HP filter @ 20 Hz excursion stays below Xmax (peaking @ 24 Hz). Max SPL is 115dB and F3 @ 32 Hz and F6 @ 23 Hz. With a bit of room gain and moderate EQ, this sounds like it could work out pretty nicely for music, no…?

    stryke on #11286

    Yes, the OB15 could work very well. It will just have a little more upper end output than the IB15 would as the added mass is not put into the OB15. Your modeled levels look fairly close to what would be expected.

    NiToNi on #11287

    Thanks, John – I will try it out then.

    Hesitated to ask you though tbh… don’t want to add to your sentiment to stop supplying raw drives to the DIY community… 😳

    stryke on #11288

    Don’t worry. It just takes time to get to responding to things like this but I usually get to it eventually.

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