No IB available. Best sub driver for 3 cu ft or less?

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    captainobvious on #1190

    Since I have a hatchback vehicle, IB is out for me. I can do a sealed enclosure between 2-3 cubic feet and accomodate anything up to an 18″.

    Which driver would be best suited for this application? I’m looking for very good low frequency extension. Power will be in the range of 300-400 watts. It will be asked to play up to, at most, 80hz.

    I was modeling the TD15H and TD18H thinking they may be the best options, but would love some feedback from you guys. The front drivers will be a relatively efficient pairing of drivers averaging about 91db sensitivity.


    stryke on #10830

    If you have EQ then you can really get by with almost anything. The TD18H is going to give you the most overall output but also require the largest enclosure. In a smaller sealed box you will need a good amount of power to take advantage of the full excursion, but it could work. Matt Daly was able to make this work very well in his MECA world championship vehicle.

    The process would be similar for any woofer. Go as big as you can to get the most efficiency and EQ it flat. The SBP15 will give you the lowest F3 point before any EQ is added.

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