New purchased Canon Rebel T1i

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    mtbdudex on #554

    Been doing lots of research/etc, on DSLR’s under $1k.(my budget)

    Was at Costco 2 weeks ago, they have Canon Rebel T1i “kit” for $949, included mfg $100 instant instore rebate.
    (not on the website either, just in store)
    -Canon Rebel T1i
    -(2) lens; 18-55mm IS lens & EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS lens
    -4GB card, canon bag, etc

    Bought it ;D ;D

    I was debating to just open it and use it, or wait until 11/27 Black Friday sales to see if a better deal is available.
    Well, opened it next morning.
    My first DSLR; the last SLR I had was a vintage Pentax “Super Program Plus” circia 1986, sold that with 3 lens on ebay 2.5 years ago.

    A few random pics from the 150+ I took Sunday 10-25 at/by my home:
    After the rain storm….

    Thru the chair: (the flower at the ends now I see takes away from the shot?)

    Autum is here:

    Peaceful resting:

    My kids at play:

    Family walk:

    Serenity while the kids are out:

    mtbdudex on #6111

    With recent full moon, how could I resist?
    Here are my moon shots:
    Took this yesterday morning (Thur 11/5) 3:30am, moon was almost directly overhead for this shot.
    Tripod, f11, 1/125 sec, ISO200, 250mm. (via my EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS kit lens)

    I never expected to see the moon this clearly, cool stuff.

    Taken in my backyard Tues 11/3 morning (5:30am-ish) as moon setting towards horizon.
    There was a slight fog rolling over the moon, but the trees visible.
    So I went with 10 sec exposure here, going for the “eerie” feeling:

    Same exact shot with slight PSE8 applied, I like this much more now. I was wondering about cropping some of the dark RH side, but this works as is.

    This one from different angle, 15 sec exposure, fog rolling by:

    3 more shots from Thur 11/5 7am-ish just as sun creeping up:
    Straight from camera 1/200 f 9.9 250mm ISO400

    Crop with slight PSE8:
    (Phase of the Moon on 5 November: waning gibbous with 89% of the Moon’s visible disk illuminated.)

    For ref this is where the moon was above west horizon, 1/200 f 9.9 55mm ISO400, straight from camera.

    Ok, until the next full moon…..
    (and sturdier tripod, remote shutter release, etc)

    simon5 on #6112

    Nice pics and nice Canon hehe ! I like Canon stuff, usually good stuff !

    The moon pics are great ! 😀

    mtbdudex on #6113

    Thx, for my first DSLR I’m 100% satisfied, only problem is I’ll probably drop some coin on a fast prime lens….

    Here is Jedi and a friend guarding our home this morning:

    simon5 on #6114

    You are an artist ? 😀

    mtbdudex on #6115

    @simon5 wrote:

    You are an artist ? 😀

    No, an Engineer with a new camera who’s feeling motivated to go out and explore new possibilities of viewing the world.
    Having fun, there are so many talented people out there.

    Had clear weather this morning, wanted a few shots at close to Last quarter Moon.

    These 3 @ my home yesterday morning:
    f9, 1/125, ISO 200 250mm via my 55-250mm kit lens.

    Treeline of my property:

    With Old Glory my front yard:

    Went inside, ate breakfast, then this rolled into my front yard this morning 7am-ish:

    Wandering thru the dead wildflowers:

    In past I’ve seen awesome spider webs, but too late in season.

    I was hoping the fog would tightly stratify into thin layers, sometimes happens. Not this morning.

    My 1 hr photo session while kids in Christian ed this morning, took this of our church above the mill pond.

    simon5 on #6116

    Mechanical engineering ?

    mtbdudex on #6117

    @simon5 wrote:

    Mechanical engineering ?

    Yes, BSME 1985, MSME 1988, registered P.E. 1991

    simon5 on #6118

    Nice, I’ll be junior engineer in computer engineering in about 5 weeks.

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