My new TD15M in Altec cabs

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    m.m.m. on #1199


    I just replaced my JBL 2226H with the TD15M in my 2-way system yesterday. I´m not done with the filter yet. That is for me always something that takes time to do. But I can now say, I did not expect that much of a difference from those two drivers. But the only thing i got was a completely different tone! 😯

    [attachment=0:bg8xur28]Nye basser 006.jpg[/attachment:bg8xur28]
    [attachment=1:bg8xur28]Nye basser 017.jpg[/attachment:bg8xur28]
    [attachment=2:bg8xur28]Nye basser 019.jpg[/attachment:bg8xur28]

    Those TD woofers sounds so true! They are working in combination with Radian 850PB´s and is a much better match than the 2226. I found out just how muddy the 2226 is in the midrange area. Before i ended up with horns I had some different fullrange drivers from Fostex, and loved the airy, free midrange that was open for micro details. I haven´t had the same open mid in my horn system so far. But now it´s like even with a first order crossover, the timing is nothing less than amazing. The tonality between the Radian and the TD is a beauty!! It has now become ONE speaker. I´m crossing at 800, but not a challenge for the TD15M. I replaced the bass and got midrange!!!

    The JBL 2226 are known for there punch in the low end, and next to the TD, the TD sounds a little shy, more like Altec 416 that I had as well. It is not a bad thing though, because you do not miss any bass… It´s just JBL and there style. 😆

    Well…. back to the stereo… 8)

    Face on #10848

    Very nice!

    One tip, if that box under your CD is your filter, I’d recommend moving it. Having such a large magnet close to your coils isn’t a good idea. Otherwise, enjoy!

    m.m.m. on #10849

    Hello Face 🙂


    Yes, that box is actually my filter, and you are right, it´s a bad idea! Right now i´m making two new TAD-copy-horns, and those JBL 2380a horns are only temporary. I promise you that I will finish it up soon 8)

    Best Regards

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