My BMS4550, TD15M-A, TD18H+ build

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    findbuddha on #642

    TD15M Apollo, BMS4550, TD18H+

    Sounds great![attachment=0:1uq0764z]2010-03-29 037.JPG[/attachment:1uq0764z]

    simon5 on #6972

    That’s really awesome ! 8)

    Which x-over frequency did you choose ?

    findbuddha on #6973

    Crossover at the moment is done on PC, using VST plugins.

    Mid: LP – 1200hz, 24db/oct, Q 1
    Tweeter: HP – 1200hz, 6db/oct, Q1. High shelf – 8000hz, +11.5db, Q .78. LP – 18800hz, 24db/oct, Q 1.12. Gain -16.4db, phase not inverted.

    Sub is sealed, with digital eq to push up the bottom end, but even with a wimpy 100W Panasonic SAXR50 ht receiver multi-amping the whole system it still goes loud enough for my backyard 🙂

    simon5 on #6974

    That system is only for the backyard ? 😯 8)

    Why such a gentle slope on the tweeter ? Usually it’s better to have a steeper crossover to relieve the tweeter of low frequencies…

    findbuddha on #6975

    Actually, the system spends the vast majority of it’s time behind/beside my computer desk in the living area, where they sound better as nearfield monitors than my Dynaudio BM6A’s did. Also great for music anywhere in the house. Every now and then I drag them out to the back deck (John your woofers are too heavy), crank it up and have a quick dance with my family.

    The tweeter is rated for a minimum crossover of 800hz (presumably at 12db/oct, BMS don’t say). I’ve got a 50uF cap in series to protect from over excursion due to pops etc. 6db/oct electrical should be giving me roughly 24db/oct acoustic. Here’s the last measurements I took:
    [attachment=0:5m69vd41]outdoor response.jpg[/attachment:5m69vd41]

    simon5 on #6976

    I think you could pump your 6 dB crossover to 12 dB and be closer to 24 dB acoustic, according to those curves, but well, it sums very well already, good work ! 8)

    Taterworks on #6977

    With a vented bass bin, stand sockets and grilles, you’d have an incredible pair of speakers for bar band use.

    What horn flare did you use for the 4550? Also, what are you using to power these?

    Edit: I just took a second look at your sub. Holy snap, that’s a tiny sub! Bag End would be jealous. 😆

    I want to come to your backyard concerts.

    findbuddha on #6978

    QSC PL-000446-GP is the horn. Please keep in mind that while it is available from the QSC webshop, QSC do not intend for their parts to be used by DIYers. At the moment they are kindly overlooking this, as long as people stay reasonable with the quantities they are ordering.

    The sub is actually sealed! About 60L – they have to fit in my house 🙂 I EQ the bottom end up, a bit more when they’re outside than inside.

    It’s all currently multi-amped off a Panasonic XR-50 home theatre receiver. 5x100W. Only leaves me with one channel for the subs at the moment, but it’s still loud enough. I have some TAS5630 amp modules waiting to be wired up and put in a chassis.

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