My bass bins

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    joshk on #257

    TD15X + 2x PR15-1400

    Mahogany veneer, transtint dye, shellac + crystallac topcoat

    haven’t heard them yet, itching to do so, but months in the making, they come to fruition.

    simon5 on #3310

    How can you build such nice things and not fire them up ? 😯

    Great work ! Congrats ! 8)

    paulspencer on #3311

    I was wondering the same thing! Anything I build, I’ll hear it before I have a box, then after I have a 2 hr thrown together prototype … but there’s no way I could wait months!

    simon5 on #3312

    Glad to know I’m not alone… I even play them free air when I get them… but at ultra low volume so I don’t damage them.

    paulspencer on #3313

    Ditto that! I do the same. I heard of a couple of guys who damaged their AV12s that way, but frankly you’d have to be ruthless to do it as they are a robust driver. The cone hit so hard it was dented by the terminals!

    joshk on #3314

    I’ve been really busy or else I’d have fired it up by now. Running it full range doesn’t sound that interesting and I’m still waiting for my waveguides to be complete. I could mock up a temporary setup with the DE250 + the QSC waveguide, but alas I’ve been quite busy. Such is my life.

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