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    mtbdudex on #555

    Here’s a blast from the past, that’s me circa Oct 1984 going to Engineering school.

    My 128k Mac, yes that is MacPaint (gotta be version 1.0?) you see onscreen. I used it and MacWrite for report writing, MacBasic for programming.

    This was a self-portrait I took for one of my “fun” non-engineering electives, B&W Photography. I developed this photo myself in the “real” chemical darkroom.

    For me, I was learning darkroom basic techniques at this time also, which always intrigued me and was fun to do/experiment with.

    I had played with the stuffed bear be during the shoot, in/out, besides that this was my real college study table exactly.
    25 years ago……..
    My 128k Mac was delivered 10/1984, ordered thru U of M education program thru inacomp, I still have that receipt, the original; plastic box the systems disc’s came in/manuals/etc. Sadly the 128k mac, which was upgraded to a MacPlus, is long gone. I was a member of MacTechnics in AA also 1986-ish thru mid 1996.

    Courtesy of my “way back machine”, aka , file cabinet, some historical documents:
    Letter to students about selling the 128k Mac on campus


    Pricing Mac:

    Pricing Lisa:

    mtbdudex on #6119

    more way back machine?; here’s my MacPortable stuff

    My desk at work my MacPortable being used.
    (I got a tax write off for using it as a work computer, that passed IRS audit also)

    Original 1MB Static RAM with 40MB internal hard drive, upgraded to 4MB Static RAM via 3MB card.

    My invoice, I owned this computer, not a work one.
    $5200 not $6999 like I thought…hmmmm

    I even got my hands on this marketing material

    So my 3MB module costs $700 (3MB + 1MB built in = 4MB usable)

    Work group job#1(prototype vehicle) party, I’m in here somewhere…..
    (I used my MacPortable daily to track/manage build progress, plus play “Crystal Quest” during lunch )

    simon5 on #6120

    A Ford Nissan joint venture ? You got me interested ! 😀

    Old Macs, are you still in the mac family today ? I’d guess yes ?

    mtbdudex on #6121

    @simon5 wrote:

    Old Macs, are you still in the mac family today ? I’d guess yes ?

    Besides the ’84 Mac 128k>Upgraded to ’86 MacPlus via Apple>Upgraded to ’89 68030 via 3rd party motherboard, I’ve owned in order: ’89 MacPortable, ’92 Powerbook180, ’97 G3 Mini-tower, ’01 iBook G3, ’03 iMac G4 1Ghz, ’06 MacBook, ’08 iMac 24″ Al….
    plus a Newton 110 for 29 days, I returned it for full refund. I tried to go 100% digital @ work back then (1994) with it instead of my Franklin Planner, but could not do it. Newton was ahead of its time.

    A few years back I calculated since 1984 I’ve spent over $35k on Mac’s, supporting hardware/printers/scanners/HD/Zip and software, never owned a WinTel.

    simon5 on #6122

    What was that Ford/Nissan joint venture if you can talk more about it ?

    Me, I’m 100% x86, but now you are also x86 hehe… not pure WinTel, since I had AMD µproc and Linux OSes.

    I’ve spent probably upwards of 10k$ since 1996, but I’m younger than you…

    mtbdudex on #6123

    @simon5 wrote:

    What was that Ford/Nissan joint venture if you can talk more about it ?

    Joint Minivan project, Ford Villager/Nissan Quest:
    -Nissan was Design & Development, testing
    -Ford was manufacturing, purchasing
    -Nissan supplied Powertrain/trans and major stampings

    I was involved 3/89 thru 4/2000.

    The beginning:

    and the end:

    simon5 on #6124

    Minivans ! 🙁

    Sorry I’m a fan of sports cars ! 😀

    But working in the automobile business looks like lots of fun… at least to me, even if it’s building minivans ! 8)

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