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    myloth on #23889

    Hey John been a long time since the bass list eh? I didn’t even know you were here still how is business good I hope?

    Well to my question I have a 79 Impala 2dr Aero coupe (essentially a 2 door Caprice with a 3pc rear window) and it has a fairly large trunk but it’s angled with a spare. So it doesn’t leave me that much room right now with a 15 in a large box and a small 10 in another box and two large amps with a cap. I was wondering how one of your 12 s would do at replacing both of them they are both very
    moderate designs one is a Eminence 15 in a 4 cubic foot sealed enclosure and the 10 is generic heavy
    duty design in a 1.4 cubic foot vented box. I have a sealed 12″ box that is very heavy duty almost 2″ all the way around I would like to use just this and this alone to replace my current menagerie.
    Any recommendations would be great or will this even work with one of your subs?


    Keymaster on #24240

    Hi Rich,

    you could go with the TD12H depending on how large the sealed box is. Otherwise have you looked into doing an infinite baffle install with a couple 12’s? I’m not sure if you have enough height for that even. In a friend’s 79 Monte Carlo we ended up doing four 10’s across. This could be done in an infinite baffle design as well probably.

    myloth on #35397

    Well it’s not a Monte Carlo it’s full size so the trunk is fairly deep between 15-19″ depending front to back. I have two Alpine Type rs in a sealed box with the amps sitting on top of the box and there is room to spare! One reason people love B Bodies (caprice ,Impala etc) is there roomy trunks and Wheel wells. The type Rs are ok but eh even with a
    800w they aren’t all that. I want bass like when I built a dual 15″ house sub with a 500w
    plate amp now that was earth shaking!

    Anyway the infinite baffle is doable and probably would be have better response then
    the sealed 12s do. I know an infinite baffle reduces interference in the drivers resonant frequency response and in my past experiments has sounded better to me. However in a true IB the driver is on a baffle infinitely wide and tall, so the only way to do it is separate the trunk from the cabin and put the subs in between is that what you mean?
    My rear tray can actually fit 12s but I have concerns about blowing the window out lol.
    My window is not normal glass it a 3pc window glued together that maybe just a tad paranoid though.

    Keymaster on #37721

    Ideally if you can fit them vertically behind the seat and seal the rear deck, that would be the way to go. You could mount them up firing as well although it is best not to do that due to suspension sag. You CAN do it and some have good results such as in this case here:

    Ideally something more like this is ideal:

    You can always do a sealed box with SBP12 or SBP15 though as well.

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