Measuring TS parameters for AV12

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    paulspencer on #98

    I have a pair of AV12 drivers (marked May 02 so not the latest version) and I’m currently attempting to measure the TS parameters, especially fs, VAS, Qts, ReVC and anything else I can measure accurately without buying any expensive test equipment.

    If I measure parameters significantly different to those published, should I use those I have measured over those published? IOW, am I likely to be able to do it accurately?

    Obviously I’ll take published parameters like mms since I don’t have accurate scales, but what about fs, VAS and Qts?

    The following are TS parameters I have for my driver, which is the version prior to the current version which has a higher fs and a different suspension system.

    Here are the parameters I have:

    Fs 21 Hz
    Qms 4.41
    Qes 0.399
    Qts 0.366
    VAS 88 L
    Re 2.97 ohm
    Z 4 ohm
    BL 15 Tm
    Cms 0.25 mm/N
    Mms 228 g
    Rms 6.848 kg/s
    LeVC 2.95 mH
    Pe 500 W
    1W 1m 85.5 dB
    2.83V 89.5 dB
    Xmax 23 mm
    Xsus 30 mm
    SD 498 cm2
    VD 2.33 L

    Are these correct?

    I’m following instructions here:

    “The amplifier must be capable of reproducing from 10 Hz to 2 kHz with no variation in output voltage. It is imperative that it is insensitive to any load above 4 ohms.”

    How can I determine that the amp has no change in output voltage? When I measure the voltage during sweeps from various signal generator programs, the voltage goes up with frequency. I presume this is the program causing this, but I’m not sure.

    simon5 on #1804

    Voltage goes up? You measure with constant power or something?

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