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    johngalt47 on #744

    Which AE sub has the lowest distortion? I want to use it for mostly music and some HT.

    simon5 on #7756

    What’s the lowest frequency you are aiming for ? That will help us recommend you the best choice for your needs.

    johngalt47 on #7757

    Although I would like to hear/feel 16 hz pipe organ music, most of the time 30hz would be fine.

    simon5 on #7758

    In that case, I suggest TD15H or TD18H+, depending on your space requirements.

    stryke on #7759

    If you’re looking for only 30hz range for music, the TD18H+ is going to be the best option. In a vented enclosure you can easily get output down to that range. The high efficiency and high cone area combine to keep distortion very low. If you’re looking to do 16hz, then drivers like the AV15H are going to be a better option, although if you want high levels you will likely need multiples of any driver.


    glyphin on #7760

    To add to this thread, what driver(s) would you recommend for a sealed enclosure at low to moderate volumes? 30 Hz also being sufficient for music. Aiming for Qts of 0.5 to 0.7 and minimal group delay, and possible extension into the midrange with a ~100 Hz first order low pass crossover filter at line level.

    simon5 on #7761

    I’d go with a SBP15 or a TD15.

    glyphin on #7762

    Which of the TD15s? M, H, S, or X? Thanks!

    simon5 on #7763

    Depends what Q you want to achieve in what box size.

    TD15S is optimized for sealed enclosures, same with TD15X but different Q.

    TD15H is optimized for ported, but in some sealed boxes size and Q it works really well.

    TD15M is a midbass/midrange driver, it can do bass, but it’s not its prime duty.

    glyphin on #7764

    I think a Qts of 0.5 is the right target since I’m currently in a concrete and steel building. Being a crazy audiophile I’m willing to use as large of a box as it takes (within reason, say up to 10-15 cubic feet). My main speakers roll off around 100 Hz. I’d like to use a low-order crossover, which entails more of an overlap region (but these drivers should be good for it, yes?)

    So it sounds like either the S or the M are the right drivers? What about using both? S for a true sub, M to achieve smoother integration with the main speakers? 🙂

    Other details – plan is to actively drive each using dedicated amps and line level crossovers. Also using a digital FIR equalizer that does a really good job. In fact, the sky’s the limit in terms of software DSP (frequency and phase manipulation).

    simon5 on #7765

    If you ever order a TD15M to supplement the transistion between your main speakers and your subwoofer, once you will forget to fire your main speakers and you will play the TD15M fullrange and see what you missed…

    A TD15M can easily reach 2 kHz off axis and 4 kHz on axis with 99 dB/W/m efficiency, with ultra low distortion and ultra low inductance. It’s better than most main speakers…

    In your case, I would go with a TD15S. It’s good up to about 1 kHz, so I guess your transistion to your main speakers will be fine. 8)

    glyphin on #7766

    Thanks! I’m seeing a box volume of 20 cubic feet for the TD15s for a target Qtc of 0.5. Sound right? (Replace all my Qts’s above with Qtc, by the way)

    No replacement for displacement, as they say!

    simon5 on #7767

    Sounds right, but you could use polyfill to shrink that box.

    glyphin on #7768

    How much do you give up in terms of sound quality when downsizing to the TD12S? A 4 cu. ft. enclosure is much more doable than a 16 cu. ft. enclosure in a home environment (both with stuffing for a target Qtc of 0.5; I should probably turn in my audiophile credentials now).

    simon5 on #7769

    You won’t give much, seriously. Especially with a 100 Hz crossover, even if the slope is first order…

    You won’t hear the difference, unless you want to go very low or very loud.

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