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    pocket5s on #1274

    On and off for quite some time I’ve tried to figure out what the various letter designations are for each speaker. I’ve come to the conclusion that M’s are midranges, and I’m purely guessing that the S’s are for pure sub bass duty, but other than that I have no clue. Each product page says pretty much the same thing as every other page so it makes it difficult to tell what each model is designed for.

    So, what are the X, H and SBP series for?

    stryke on #11120

    The various designations are because of different voice coils.

    TDM – shorter 25mm long 4 layer flat aluminum wire. Lighter, more efficient, midrange/midbass duty typically

    The other TD woofers are all for similar use but give options for enclosure size and type. They can all play the same range and will sound very similar.

    TDS – 38mm long 2 layer roundwire copper – lowest Bl, lightest mass – typically chosen for sealed box use
    TDX – 38mm long 4 layer flat aluminum wire – medium Bl, medium mass
    TDH – 38mm long 4 layer flat copper coil – highest Bl, most mass – For those reasons typically chosen when emphasis put on low end response.

    The SBP series use dustcaps instead of phase plugs. Less efficient, mass loaded version for smaller enclosures. Can be used to 500hz but typically when playing over 250hz the TD woofers are a better option.

    Inferno333 on #11121

    Thank you for the explanation! I’ve pondered the same question over the years.

    pocket5s on #11122

    Yes thank you very much!

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