Larry Woolacott again IASCA Ultimate Championship

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    stryke on #1054

    Larry Woolacott has once again won the IASCA Ultimate Championship with the help of a pair of custom SBP15’s. Larry had the frames and steel motor parts chromed and then sent back here for assembly. He had upgraded them from the IB15’s which won the ISACA North American Championship in the Ultimate (2-seat) SQ & SQI the previous year. Here is a link to the results from 2012.

    INAC SQC IQC and RTA results

    In addition, with the help of the SBP15’s, Larry’s Buick also won the IASCA SBN Triple Crown award. (SQ score + RTA + SPL). Congratulations Larry and we wish you continues luck in the future. We are glad the SBP15’s worked out so well for you.

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