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    Cloth Ears on #990

    Hi all,

    As a long time Lambda driver owner, I was pleased to find the Kyron Audio Gaia speaker on show at the Melbourne (Australia) Audio Show last weekend. Quite excellent sound in a very limited room. A bit out of my price range, but dreaming is half of what this hobby is about anyway! It’s not much of a website, but it gives you an idea of what the speakers look like.

    Cloth Ears

    simon5 on #9957

    12x dipole woofers per speaker… ouch… That must cost literally several several thousand dollars…

    Cloth Ears on #9958

    Special order dipole 12’s, no less. But the amplification/dsp was more expensive than the speakers! Way out of my price range…unless that lottery ticket comes up 💡

    simon5 on #9959

    Amplification and DSP more expensive… that is crazy… because it’s really the speakers that make that thing sound good…

    Audiodidakt on #9961

    Does any one knows XO-frequences for these? (especially between mid and bass)

    And does anyone know how the double arrays work? In my audiodact head there will be a cancellation-effect between the two



    simon5 on #9960

    Hello Audiodidakt,

    This is a dipole design, cancellation is wanted, so you have no reverberation from the rear, rear of the speaker is separate from front of the speaker. You have less room interactions.

    It is a very expensive way of removing the room from the sound, in my opinion, since it’s not efficient.

    A less expensive way is putting a single array on a baffle, without a box, with the rear open, so you have the same effect.

    A lot of audiophiles on the other hand will praise dipole systems forever, but this is extreme.

    Audiodidakt on #9962

    Thanks Simon!

    I am aware of the dipole-concept, including the 8-figure power-response and cancellation between front- and backwave of the woofer.

    Here however, there are two arrays of dipoles placed in front of each other, giving in my head a double cancellation between the two arrays. The frontwave of array no. 2 will in my head be cancelled (more or less) by the backwave of array no 1 (front array).

    I believe that the two arrays in each speaker uses different amplifiers and hence can use different timealignment. (Outside of the Deqx, as this have only 8 channels). Maybe timealingment is part of the concept, but an electrical timealignment will not work as good for a dipole as a monopole. (Both sides of the element is impossible to timealign electrically)

    Best regards Gisle

    simon5 on #9963

    You can still achieve figure eight, if rear array polarity is inversed. So when front array move forward, rear array move backward (in the same direction). You then have similar figure eight… but that’s a bizzare concept.

    Lazz on #9964

    I’m wondering how do they keep the woofers tightly mounted to the column and being of metal construction doesn’t that have any effect on the magnetism of the woofers?

    stryke on #9965

    The back plates are drilled and tapped so they can be bolted on. If it was steel, then it would have some issue with creating an additional magnetic pole. Aluminum doesn’t have this issue though.

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