Jl audio 12w3v2 single 15" passive radiator build help

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    Simpko22 on #1324

    Hey all,
    I am currently in the midst of building an enclosure which is planned to house a single jl audio 12w3v2 and a single 15″ passive radiator. Although I have no idea on tuning and the box size I should use!
    Can someone please help? To make it even more difficult, I have made my own passive radiator out of a crappy old 15″ Pyle PLW15RD which seems to have no parameters recorded anywhere..
    I am aiming for a punchy, clean, thumping bass. Something in my daily driver that will be listening to pop, rap and electronic. I would love it to be clean and tight when I listen to pop, but be able to be turned up so it can thump to the electronic. So I am not sure which tune or box size will give it the best all rounder performance.
    Please help me! 🙂

    taloyd on #11265

    I’d try posting this on DIYAudio.com.

    I’d also download Unibox, find the T/S parameters, and play with that.


    stryke on #11266

    Yes, i suggest http://www.diymobileaudio.com and propose your question there. As much as we enjoy car audio and speakers in general we cannot offer support for products manufactured by other companies. As far as the request for clean and tight bass, the JL12W3 has nothing done that is going to give you those results. Typical overhung woofer with no shorting rings so nothing is done to eliminate flux modulation or linearize inductance. If you are looking for clean, accurate reproduction you won’t find it with that woofer. If you are looking for typical car audio boom, then it will work well for that. You can see the lengths we go through to get accurate reproduction from our woofers here which others simply do not do.


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