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    eddiejclayton on #93

    I’m in the process of getting back into car audio and plan to do an IB install with 2 15″ subs in my 04 Civic. I’m not looking for a SPL monster (one note wonder), I just want something with great low frequency extension and tonal accuracy. While I was doing my sub shopping I came across the IB15’s which look rather promising. Is there any reason that the IB15 subs wouldn’t work well in this situation? The IB15’s would be fed 350w RMS each and crossed over at 50Hz. Thanks in advance for any assistance that I receive.

    dB on #1727

    Hello Eddie,

    The AV’s and IB’s will both work exceptionally well in an automotive environment. Either will provide exceptional accuracy, very deep extension, and belt out quite a bit of SPL in the process. They might very well surprise you.

    Please feel free to ask any more specific questions you may have. 350 watts should fit the bill nicely, and your crossover freq is perfectly acceptable.

    Best regards

    eddiejclayton on #1728

    dB – That is what I wanted to hear! I have just ordered a pair of the IB15’s, I’ll come back and post pictures once my install is complete. Thanks for your help!

    dB on #1729

    Eddie – it looks like your order was placed under a different name.

    We have not processed it as we are currently out of I.B. 15’s, however we are working like mad to get more in stock.

    If you would like, we will put you at the top of the list for IB 15’s due to be aired in. My appologies..

    I’ve turned off the order buttons in the store for items not currently in house..

    eddiejclayton on #1730

    dB – Yeah the order should be for Richardson (my “proper” name). You can go ahead and put me on the list for the IB’s, I’ll be more than happy to wait for them (I don’t need them at this very moment anyway). Just go ahead and process my order once you get them in stock, do you have an estimate as to when you will get more of them (no rush, I’m just curious). Thanks all of your help! 😀

    MxRacerCam on #1731

    i’m currently running a pair in my ford contour svt. i’m sending 250 watts to each, and it’s far more than i need. you will love this setup. just be sure to spend some time sealing off the trunk from the cabin… extra time spent there will yeild big dividends in the end.


    eddiejclayton on #1732

    @mxracercam – I’m glad to hear that the setup works well! I was having a difficult time finding a replacement for my old Image Dynamics IDW-15’s, but these IB15’s look extremely promising. I’m going to try to seal the trunk off as much as possible (the IDW’s were glassed into my old Honda Prelude), I don’t think I’ll glass them in but I will do my best to seal it up.

    You wouldn’t happen to have any pictures of your install that you would be willing to share would you? I love to see the stereo setups of other people.


    MxRacerCam on #1733


    in my application, i was unable to completely assemble the baffle outside the car. so what i ended up doing was making a four piece “frame” that i would subsequently mount a baffle to.

    frame pics…



    baffle pic (it looks rough because i used a hammered paint)


    in progress install pic from the front and rear




    and finally, the finished install….




    as i said, i am thoroughly happy with them. i sealed all large openings in the rear deck with sheets of aluminum, everything else with e-dead and expanding foam for the little crevices. i also cut a ski-hole in the area behind the rear armrest, and used a 3″ hole saw to cut several rows of holes in the metal seatbacks to allow proper venting into the cabin.

    even with 250 watts, i still have the gains turned down as i have tons of headroom. they perform very well for my SQ application, and i’m sure they could be cranked up if you’re a basshead. 😉

    eddiejclayton on #1734

    😯 Wow! That is an extremely nice setup you have there. Very nice choice on the Soundstream amp, I’ll be using a Soundstream Rubicon 702 to power my IB’s. One nice 10″ sub would probably be loud enough for me but I just love how low 15’s can play (especially in IB); it’s always nice to have a little headroom to play with anyway. If my install comes out looking half as good as yours I’ll be happy, thank you for sharing!

    On another note: Damn the IB is a very nice looking sub! I only wish there was a 10″ model (2 of them would fit right into my 350z behind the seats).

    Thanks again!


    MxRacerCam on #1735

    thanks! the SS amp is ok… it puts out plenty of clean power, thats for sure. a little unsure of it’s build quality, but i got it in a trade so i thought i’d give it a shot.

    anywho… good luck, and post pics when you’re done! 😉

    eddiejclayton on #1736

    From what I’ve read the Van Gogh series is the last of the “good” amps that Soundstream has manufactured. I will definetly come back and post pics of my install when it is done. 😀

    R. Buszka on #1737

    At one point, the idea of an IB12 was kicked around. FWIW.

    dB on #1738


    Beautifull install!!!

    I’ll likely have Mark Eldridge do an instll in my Blazer, and maybe one in the drag car / daily driver too once I get the transmission re-built and GT-30-R turbo install finished…

    I want it both to look proffessional when it’s done, and am not so handy with fiberglass.

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