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    mikemal on #1175

    I want to buy 2 to 4 IB15 ‘s.I have called ,no answer,emailed,get an automatic response from last year with no answers,now trying this way.
    Woofers would go in a boat with around 50 cu ft of air space.Can I use the AV type or do I need the AU ?
    I would appreciate a quick response very much,I have been researching IB woofers for 2 weeks and yours seem to be the best.

    Please let me know pricing,availability and shipping info for a 66441 zipcode as soon as possible.

    Iam ready to buy now


    Jessica on #10800

    We do take orders over the phone, and also via email. If you would like to place an order please send your request to info(at)aespeakers.com. I will be happy to respond in a timely fashion.

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