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    Guy 13 on #1363

    Hi all,
    what is the material used for the surround of the IB12 ?
    Can it come with a cloth surround ?

    Guy 13

    stryke on #11401

    The IB12 have a foam surround that is coated and sealed with a damping compound to protect from moisture and UV. We do not have a cloth surround that will allow enough excursion for the IB series.

    Guy 13 on #11402

    Hi all,
    what other similar (12″) drivers would be suitable for Open Baffle Dipole
    with either cloth treated or rubber surround?
    The two 12″ drivers will be driven in parallel (4 Ohms)
    with a solid state plate 250 watts amplifier.

    Guy 13

    stryke on #11400

    The only option for open baffle specific use that has a cloth surround is the LO12. They have more efficiency but low end extension is a little more limited due to the lower travel of the cloth surround. You can still expect to get down in the 35hz range quite nicely though. This can be made in dual 8ohm or dual 16ohm configuration. With the dual 16ohm wire the coils in parallel for 8ohm and drivers in parallel for 4ohm.


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