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    SFA92 on #1170

    Hello, i’m testing the waters for an infinite baffle setup. Rarefaction sealed into my trunk, compressing the cabin. I am wondering how large the enclosure volume for an IB10-AU driver can be, without exceeding excursion limits. Is this something to be concerned of? How much better would SQ be in a sealed enclosure, different driver same size? My trunk volume (enclosure) is approx. 7.4ft. cubed. Any help or advice would be rewarding. Thanks!!

    stryke on #10788

    A few basics should be understood in this case first. Output is always going to be determined by how much air the woofer can move, regardless of the enclosure size or power input. The enclosure size then determines how much power is needed to move the woofer that far. So, at 30hz with 10mm excursion for example, the output will be the same regardless of whether it is in an infinite baffle or a sealed box. The difference is that the infinite baffle will be more efficient requiring less power to reach that excursion point. The more efficiency the better because thermal distortions are reduced.

    That said, with the extreme amounts of cabin gain found in a vehicle, you may want to EQ the bottom end down. In 7.4cf with a single IB10AU the Qtc is going to be around .374. Typically I would like to see it a little higher, in the .5-.7 range. Going with the higher Q also allows for more power to be applied up higher without reaching the excursion limits at the lowest frequencies. Keep in mind though that as you put items in the trunk, the volume goes down as well and the Q raises back up.

    preston on #10789

    From what I’ve read these IB subs are built to take into account some (large) enclosure volume.
    Can you build them or do you recommend using them as true IB, ie one side firing completely outside the vehicle ?

    I am thinking about mounting two AU-10s under the seats of my truck playing true IB (with a bit of protective baffling).

    stryke on #10790

    Yes, these could possibly operate this way. Just make sure they are protected from the weather so they cannot get wet at all. We have had people do IB installs for home theater with the woofers exposed into a space underneath a home on stilts, etc.

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