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    pocket5s on #1149

    I can’t seem to find out what the differences are in the IB12 vs. SPB12 (SBP?).

    Basically what I’m hoping to get is an infinite baffle 12″ for automotive use that has good authority at 30hz but will cleanly play to about 500hz. I only need up to about 300, but 500 gives me some wiggle room on crossover selection.

    Essentially I’m wanting to replace two 8″ IB midbasses and a dedicated sub with 2 speakers 8)

    pocket5s on #10714


    simon5 on #10715

    IB12 is a midrange product, very good price/performance ratio, while the SBP12 is a top of the line product.

    Also, IB12 is more oriented for infinite baffle installs, and SBP12 is more oriented for sealed boxes installs.

    SBP12 will have better SQ all around, but you need to take the woofer that will suit your install plans.

    pocket5s on #10716

    Ok that answers the difference between the two nicely.

    So the question becomes will the IB12(or another model) give me 30-500hz, or is it best suited to pure subbass duty?

    simon5 on #10717

    For 30-500 Hz, it’s a bit high for the IB12… I suggest going with the SBP12 in that case.

    The IB line as a good top end, but 500 Hz is quite high for an infinite baffle subwoofer driver…

    If you can tolerate 250 Hz, then it will be a non-issue mostly.

    pocket5s on #10718

    I could tolerate 250, need about 300 but wanted 400-500 for wiggle room 🙂

    Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!

    stryke on #10719

    The issue isn’t so much playing that high. They both can play up to 500hz and are electrically quite flat even higher. The issue is the small resonance of the dustcap which is around 800-900hz. You also have a dip at 1KHz and 2KHz due to surround resonance. Most car audio woofers though have crazy inductance and start rolling off well before that point. The HE15 that TC Sounds made for me about 10yrs ago had such high inductance it had a big peak from 45-60hz and then rolled off above that. By 100hz it was already significantly down and the inductance at that point creates lots of distortion. If you are crossing over very sharply, 24-48dB slopes then 500hz wouldn’t be an issue most likely.


    pocket5s on #10720

    Very interesting. That gives me more to think about. Much appreciated!

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