How much interest is needed for an Apollo run?

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    Bryce on #146

    What would it require to do a run of TD15X Apollo woofers? I am trying to complete my system and I think that will be the best woofer for my application. I am in no hurry though and would just like to know how many other people would need to buy some to make the order worthwhile for Acoustic Elegance. Unless they have something else coming up that should be comparable. Thanks

    Admin on #2427

    Hi Bryce,

    Give me a couple weeks and I can probably get some done. Send me an email to and let me know what woofer you are looking and and the quantity. I’ll put it on my list of stuff to do. I may do things a little differently than the originals but still close.


    Bryce on #2428

    Thanks for the quick reply 🙂 Will follow up with emails

    R. Buszka on #2429

    This should be in the Customer Service section, for future reference.

    Bryce on #2430

    Sorry I thought it should go here because I thought we would need to create interest to get a run going. I’ll put other similar questions in the Customer Service section 🙂

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