How far up in frequency can the TD18H be used?

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    Peter k on #1026


    I am considering either:

    • a single TD18H, or
    • a pair of TD15H’s mounted in parallel

    to be used in the 30-400 Hz (maybe event 500 Hz) range in a high quality system for hifi (not PA). For me sound quality — also at low volumes — is essential. A single TD18H would be easiest to implement and cheapest. However, I fear that the big woofer will not be able to ‘keep up’ with the mid range!?

    How far up in frequency would you recommend to use the TD18H without ANY compromise soundwise?

    Thanks a lot!

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    simon5 on #10200

    Here’s a measurement :

    I see no problems with your plan.

    Inductance for the TD18H is really low, so I don’t see why it couldn’t keep up.

    Peter k on #10201

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for your reply!

    Best regards

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