Help!! Speaker identification

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    Bugsy969 on #1298

    A couple years ago… I guess it was quite a few now….
    I had dropped a couple G’s and had gotten a friend to purchase and install a complete stereo system for my previous vehicle.

    But without getting into a huge drawn out story, the vehicle got damaged, so I had taken all of the audio equipment out of it.. Then a couple years later I moved 12 hr’s away From my old home. When i left, I had taken all equipment with me, but I took the sub’s out of the boxes for transportation because I had limited space to carry things. When i had came back to pick more things up, i noticed right away someone had run off with my boxes!

    So to the present… i had pulled the subs out of the basement yesterday, and i really feel like installing them into my little 318ti hatchback ( miss some good quality sound :). But i have no idea who made the sub’s.. they have no markings or serial’s, and i have no specs for them as well. The friend who helped me can’t remember a thing either because it had been so long lol. But When I had them installed we had made ported boxes and they sounded just amazing.

    So you guys are the closest I have been able to find, and was hoping you possibly might know, and would be able to help. 🙂

    If I can figure out how to post pictures i will.

    Bugsy969 on #11196

    I would appreciate any information on them that i could get that would be usefull, If my memory doesn’t fail me i believe we had them running together at 0.5 Ohms and i was told they where built to run close to 1000 Rms a sub ( if that information helps at all :s )… and also if you do recognize them, what are your personal preference on weather they should be installed into a Ported Box or a Sealed box.. Like i said prior, they where in tuned ported boxes before, and they just sang! I did notice some port noise ( wind- they where slotted ports ) but it didn’t bother me too much because they where in the trunk, i noticed it only when i had the trunk open- But now i’m planning on installing them into a hatchback with a removable parcel shelf, and there’s going to be less room for the boxes/box.

    Any help i could get would be great, thanks in advance


    Bugsy969 on #11197

    Looking around, They look like they have a super close resemblance to some of your older gen speakers- but the cones are black instead of silver and not aluminum, the spider is black, and it’s a three stack magnet instead of a two…

    Bugsy969 on #11198

    Anybody have any idea?….. I talked to the friend who got them for me years ago. What he said was that he thinks he remembers that they where based off the TC sounds 12″ sub. But completely gutted and rebuilt hybrids….. But he couldn’t remember who built them, or where to find the specs….

    I just need to make new boxes for them and want to do it right, if theres any help I’ll take it.

    stryke on #11199

    Hello, Unfortunately just by looking at them I don’t have any idea what they are. They look like a dished cone, possibly done by TC Sounds but I have no idea what it could be. The best idea is to simply measure the parameters and then make the enclosure based on the measured parameters.

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