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    Fleetwood84 on #1247

    Hi there,
    First post here so be gentle 🙂
    I just read good things about AE ,and tried to give it a shot.
    Basically , looking for 2 LF woofers to get into my 4350 cabs. Also , AE does midrange??
    It should be 15′ , now , I’ve seen the Lambda , Diopol , and some letters of each kind , got confused…
    What can you suggest for this big scale project?

    Face on #10960

    TD-xxM is AE’s mid driver. Very smooth response, low distortion, easy to use. As for the bass section, no, you do not want the dipole series. As for which series fits your application best, you’ll have to model each one to see which fits best in your enclosure.

    stryke on #10961

    I am not sure the details on which woofer is used in those. If you can find the model number of the original woofer, please let me know. I do see that the 2235H is listed as an option for replacement on a few sites. The TD15H is nearly a drop in upgrade for the 2235H. The response curve is nearly identical but the TD15H has much more Xmax, higher power handling, and much lower inductance. I am not sure the midrange driver used in this speaker. If it is a 10″ woofer, the TD10M would be the logical upgrade.

    If you can find the enclosure volume and tuning I can model the cabinet with both the original driver and the TD15H

    maxserg on #10962

    Nice project to follow 🙂

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