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    skto on #1215

    Dear John,
    I had Joint a Group Buy of 2 pairs of DIploe 18″ through China TUBBES. 6 month before. and the order is approx. 48 pairs .
    would you mind to advice the updated status?
    May be this is not suitable to request this.
    But, you know audiophile is very Impatient. haha!

    stryke on #10895

    hi skto, I have been in contact with Samuel(Turbobuy) regarding this. I will be getting regular updates to him on the finalization of this.

    skto on #10897

    Hi Jonn,
    I heard the news, you will shipping out part of group buy to China,what a good news!
    First portion is Dipole 18, I had purchase 2 pair.
    Would you mind help me the following:
    1) to up grade the Apollo of my 2 pair Dipole 18;
    2) quote me a separate shipping cost to Hong Kong for this 2 pair Dipole 18.

    stryke on #10896

    Hi Skto,

    Your woofers are bundled on a pallet of 20 drivers that we are trying to work out the shipping details for. We expected to have them shipped awhile ago but had issues arranging the shipment due to large price increases before and during Chinese New Year. We are trying to finalize that now. The Apollo Upgrade is not an option for Dipole woofers. The Dipole have a large top plate with short underhung coils. As a result the coil would never come near the Apollo Plate to have any of the benefits.

    skto on #10898

    Dear John,
    I have a delivery proposal plan for my 2 pair 18″ DIPOLE,
    Would you mind to quoted me the shipping cost for my 2 pairs of 18″ dipole to Hong Kong, So I can get the woofer earlier.
    Subject to I can affortd the additional shipping cost. haha

    stryke on #10899

    Hi skto, if you could email me, sales(at) I can get more information from you and figure this out. We will have to unpack the pallet that is currently ready to be picked up but we can do that if you wish.

    skto on #10900

    hi John,
    I had send the email of shipping address but no reply?

    stryke on #10901

    skto, Jessica has emailed regarding this. She will need the postal code also as per her email.
    Best Regards

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