FS: 2x OB12 dipole / open-baffle woofers

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    Saurav on #1273

    This is probably the first pair of OB12 drivers made. Nick, John and I were discussing dipole woofers in a thread on a different forum, when John suggested they could build something based off the IB15 design, but 12″, with a softer dustcap and different cone treatment that made it more suitable for dipole use. I’ve built 3 different speakers with these, and they are amazing drivers, as you’d expect. I’ve usually crossed over to a sub around 60-80Hz, you can go lower if you use a wider baffle. On the other side, I’ve crossed to a midrange between 250-500Hz.

    I have 2 kids now, and no time for DIY. These have been sitting in my garage for several months, and I’ve finally decided to let them go, because it will be many years before I get back into this hobby.

    The drivers are in great shape. They’ve been in a non-smoking pet-free environment, and driven with proper amplification (mostly Emotiva). There is one cosmetic blemish – one time when I was measuring my speakers, my toddler bumped into the mic stand and toppled it. It scraped the driver on the way down (see photo). This didn’t cause any audible or measurable difference that I could tell. The white marks on the surrounds are dust, the surrounds are fine.

    $150 OBO + shipping.

    T/S parameters and frequency response measured by John:

    Fs: 28hz
    Qms: 4.36
    Vas: 129L
    Cms: .35mm/N
    Mms: 94g
    Rms: 3.8
    Xmax: 18mm
    Xmech: 20mm
    Sd: 510sqcm
    Qes: .53
    Re: 5.5 ohm
    Le: .3mH
    Z: 8ohm
    Bl: 12.9
    Qts: .47
    1wspl: 89.2dB
    2.83V: 91dB

    KKurt on #11110


    can I get these speakers from you please? I am in Western Australia. The postcode is 6280 however, if it is significantly cheaper, another postcode is 6154 which is in the capital city Perth.

    My email is transk@me.com

    kind regards


    Saurav on #11111

    Are you sure about that? I did a quick online shipping estimate with UPS, and it’s around $250. If you’re serious, I can take the speakers off the baffle and weigh them, that will let me get a more accurate estimate.

    KKurt on #11112

    Hello again,

    my apologies for not responding sooner as I have been particularly busy and thought you may have sent me an email if responding.

    Yes I am serious.

    I live in WA which is Western Australia. The acronym of WA is Wait Awhile but typically it should be WAPA wait awhile and pay a lot.

    It’s tediously expensive here, transport weighs in for sure but we pay more than that. Perth, the capital of WA is now known as the most expensive city in the world to live in.

    It is also true that we do not have the population parameters you do and so there are not the economies of scale that can naturally apply in having greater choice at lesser expense.

    I would be pleased if you could send the OB12’s without the baffles.

    Just let me know what I need to do.

    kind regards


    Saurav on #11113

    OK. Please give me a few days to get them packed and boxed up. I’ll get in touch with you once I have a more accurate shipping estimate.

    KKurt on #11114



    KKurt on #11115

    Hello hello,

    still there?

    any update



    Saurav on #11116

    Sorry. We’re trying to get our house ready to sell, so it’s been a crazy few weeks. That’s also my reason for putting these drivers up for sale. It might be another 1-2 weeks before I’m able to get to this. I was really hoping for a more local sale. I apologize for leaving you hanging like this, and I fully understand if you don’t want to wait that long.

    KKurt on #11117


    no worries.

    please contact me through my email transk@me.com when you are ready.



    Saurav on #11118

    Will do. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

    Saurav on #11119

    Hi Kurt,

    Still in the process of packing up and moving. I’m sorry to say that I found a local buyer, and it was much easier for me to just have him come pick it up, than pack and ship it to you. I hope you find a better deal closer to you.

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