FS: 2x AE IB15 HT, 2 for local pickup in Los Angeles

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    taloyd on #1346


    Bought a four pack for a stereo SLOB (slot-loaded OB) woofer setup for an active 3 way rig. Plans have really changed, so these are for sale. 2 are unopen in the original boxes from AE, 2 have been open and briefly used in H-frames, albeit to great satisfaction.

    So I can ship 2 out, and would prefer to NOT ship the other two – local pickup in Los Angeles would be great. $145 each + shipping for the two (both for $260); $125 each for the two open ones in Los Angeles.

    Moving to a distributed sealed box setup, so now using subs optimized for small sealed boxes (going to use Alpine SWR series car-audio subwoofers bought secondhand)…

    Also have 2 x Exodus Audio DPL-10 dipole 10″ subwoofers (not woofers – optimized for low bass, not midbass) – $80 + shipping for the pair. Fantastic OB subwoofers, 19mm clean xmax, great XBL^2 motor design, etc.
    Fs: 23 Hz
    Re: 6.5 Ohms
    Qms: 4.7
    Qes: .91
    Qts: 0.76
    Mms: 99g
    Cms: 0.47 mm/N
    Vas: 73L
    Sd: 333 cm^2
    Vd: 1.26L
    BL: 10.2
    X-max: 19mm
    Pmax: 300W
    SPL: 81.7 db/1W/1M

    Also have a MiniDSP 4×10 HD for sale…

    Feedback everywhere on the internets (eBay, Audiogon, every forum, etc.) under taloyd.


    taloyd on #11334

    Sold, thanks!


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