Enclosures Size for TD12M-8

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    smokarz on #1322

    Hi everyone,

    Would like to know what is the ideal enclosure sizes for the TD12M 8ohm? Both ported and sealed.

    Thanks much!

    smokarz on #11258

    No one?

    Face on #11259

    It depends on your application.

    http://www.linearteam.dk/?pageid=winisd Or if you have Excel, I’d recommend: http://audio.claub.net/software/jbabgy/WBCD.html

    stryke on #11257

    There is no specific set size. It is more what is best for your application. For a vented enclosure though I typically go with about 1.75 cubic foot tuned around 57hz. For sealed enclosures I typically go about .75-1 cubic foot.

    smokarz on #11260

    Thanks for the input guys. I am looking to build a pair of mains to cross over with my sealed subs at around 80hz.

    I will plug those numbers in WinISD and see what it comes up with.

    I tried .71cf and that gives me a QTCvalue of 0.702 and f3 at about 110hz. Would you say this is ideal?

    stryke on #11261

    This looks pretty good and should blend pretty well to the subwoofers. If you want to get lower than vented is the best option. I like to tune lower than the crossover frequency by about 1/2 octave to keep the rise in group delay out of the intended bandwidth were it will be used.

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