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    3GGG on #846

    Hi All

    I need some advice please on what drivers to use for a home audio build. I am trying for fast, dynamic life like music.

    For the tweeter i will use T500AmkII and mid will be B&CDCM50 in a Le Cleac’h horn. I am open to 12 or 15″ drivers and any configuration, number or enclosure. i suppose a short hornn with equalisation or OB take my fancy. Amplification will be fro Pass labs Aleph JX, 100w class A. I never really listen over 100db. The speakers will ultimately end up in a dedicated listening room around 6m wide 9m deep with 3.6 m ceilings.

    Thanks in advance.


    simon5 on #8464

    Well the flagship TD15M is usually the most recommended driver, but you have ample of amplifier power available to reach well over 100 dB so you could take something more tailored for your needs.

    How low do you want to go ? What will be the crossover frequency to your midrange driver ?

    If you are going OB or Dipole, there’s always the Dipole15 or the TD15LO, if you can get multiple drivers, it’s even better.

    3GGG on #8465

    My initial thoughts are I will use the DCM50 from 600hz but I havent fully looked at the driver wit the proposed horn fitted.

    Multiple drivers is ok as is maybe a 6″ front loaded low mid horn if this is possible with possible a 15 below that.

    simon5 on #8466

    I meant multiple drivers as multiple Dipole 15s per side if you are going OB or Dipole, to counter the dipole effect.

    3GGG on #8467

    Forgot to add that down to 35Hz would be nice.
    I am open to any solition/configuation.

    3GGG on #8468

    furthermore if possible Id love to use multiple drivers and or horn loading to get up to the 108db effeciency of the mid horn and tweeter. Ultimately I would prefer to keep all the xovers passive for the analogue playback system which these will be implemented in.
    Have any of the TD15’s been used in a BVR enclosure?

    stryke on #8469

    Wanted to give you some thoughts on this. I have someone locally who has a pair of the Acoustic Wood Horn AH 300’s. These can go down to about 300hz. Efficiency is quite high with the Cogent compression drivers on them. We did a pair of sealed TD15M’s for him underneath each of these cabinets. This gets to about 101dB 1W efficiency on the upper end. If you wanted even more efficiency you could go with a pair of TD15M’s above and a pair below with the horn in an MTM type configuration.

    I’ll see if i can get a picture of what we did for him with the dual TD15M’s. Here is info on the horns.

    Horn loading can help to get more efficiency, but it does not help with the low end extension. People don’t realize how large a horn needs to be to get loading down to say 30hz. In this thread below you can see what Vincent did to get a 30hz horn. They are massive and still have some rolloff which required the 8x IB15’s to be actively crossed over and brought into the system. viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1661

    Anyway, I know that many people want to keep the benefits of a full analog system and everything passive. The concept of less in the signal path to get a more accurate sound. However, this really just isn’t practical in most cases. Matching efficiency in a passive system is more difficult. You will have to pull down the efficiency of the upper end drivers as you cannot get enough on the low end. You have to physically correct for time alignment issues and there is no way to adjust phase independently of time alignment. A full active system with DSP allows for many benefits. You can easily match efficiencies, adjust for time alignment, correct response issues from the drivers, etc. Even if you don’t want to EQ the drivers like your horns and the tweeters, you will need EQ to correct for the room itself unless the room is designed perfectly. An analog EQ just can’t really do what you need from many standpoints.

    If you really want to go with a passive system and want the most efficiency, a pair of the TD15M’s or TD18H+ can get you around 101dB 1W. You can pad the horns passively as well. A large vented enclosure tuned to the 30hz range will get you the extension you need. That is a good start and you can always go with an active system later which will really unlock the potential of the system.


    3GGG on #8470

    Thanks Stryke, My initial plan was for 2 15’s, I just wanted to explore further options.
    The AH300 was the other horn also I was looking at, but as I am sure you are aware there is a fairly strong view that the flare isnt optimal, while other say they experience no coloration. Unfortunately there are no AH300’s in Australia(that I am aware of) and I am not sure I wish to take a punt on it without hearing for myself.

    Any further pics or enclosure details would be appreciated.

    stryke on #8471

    I’ll have to get my measurements of the AH300, but it really isn’t usable past 5KHz in my opinion. It measured absolutely terribly with the Cogent driver. The throat of the compression driver is just too big and the transition to the horn also adds a lot of issues. A 3″ throat really isn’t good past that 5KHz point in most cases.

    I’ll try to get some pics soon.


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