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    fibonacci13 on #1369


    I was just wondering, approximately, how much variation there is between the drivers in the real world and the stated T/S parameters. I’m trying to design a TL, but the T/S tolerances I’m looking for are reasonably tight and I was wondering how representative the stated T/S are from what would be received. Specifically I’m looking at the TD15S-8 with the Apollo upgrade.


    stryke on #11429

    There should be little variance in most parameters. The DCR, Re, Bl, etc should be within a few percentage points. Suspension is the only thing that has a little wider variance. Cms can vary by about +/- 10% in extreme cases. This adjusts Vas and the Qms and resultant Qts slightly. This is typically a small factor though even in a TL application. As the electromagnetic parameters are the ones that are most critical.

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