Driver recommendation for chest thumping bass for HT

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    Junior on #1351

    Am currently using the old SVS PB12+/2 subwoofer.
    It had no problem rumbling my living room but what is lacking is the chest thumping bass.
    Maybe I am so used to the ultra low freq from the dual 12″ that I found or rather “feel” something is missing.
    Or maybe am caught with the upgrade bug.

    Anyway, I have a simple aim and that is to produce chest thumping bass that will complement the SVS I had.
    The aim maybe simple but is it achievable? I am ready to listen to comments and suggestions.

    stryke on #11346

    The chest thumping bass is typically in the upper range of 50-100hz where the kick drum can be found. If you have one of the older ones it probably has the aluminum cone woofers made by TC Sounds. Those were similar to our original AV woofers also made by TC. While they can move some air, they were quite high inductance and not considered overly accurate. Are you looking to just build some kind of a midbass module to handle the upper frequencies or looking for something as a complete replacement?

    Inferno333 on #11347

    I might be interested in the drivers from your old SVS subwoofer. 🙂

    Are you going to be building a new enclosure and buying a driver?

    Junior on #11348

    Hi John and Infernno333,
    Sorry for not be able to reply promptly.

    Yes I do have one 12″ TC-1000 using aluminium cone by TC sound.
    And yes I am looking at making use of my existing 12″ TC1000 to cover the midbass portion to give me the chest thumping bass which is currently missing. What sealed volume u recommend and would it be good to go with PR?

    Had no intention to sell my SVS as it sure can rock my house 🙂

    Junior on #11349

    If the existing 12TC-1000 is not suitable, from your product line, which is more suited?
    I wish to make it as compact as possible in a sealed enclosure.
    I even wanted to clone a KK12012 and this is what I had in mind:

    Inferno333 on #11350

    I actually have a nicely finished 12″ sealed enclosure sitting here not being used. What kind of volume are you looking at?

    Junior on #11351

    Hi Inferno333,
    Thanks for the offer.
    I am not from the state and shipping it will be too expensive considering I am on the other side of the globe, Singapore.

    Inferno333 on #11352

    Ohh shoot. I didn’t realize you were way over there.

    Good luck bud!

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