Dipole15 Voice Coil rattling?

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    OJneg on #1376

    Hi all. I’ve notice that one of the Dipole15 woofers I have is producing a screechy rattle during normal playback. It’s apparent at moderate levels 60-70dB. I already pulled the woofer out of it’s cabinet (on an open baffle frame actually) and it’s still there. Especially noticeable with piano.

    Any idea on what the problem might be and how to fix it?

    stryke on #11445

    Have you checked to make sure the phase plug is screwed down tightly? They just thread onto a 1/4-20 set screw in the middle. If it is tight, I would take the phase plug out and go around inside the gap with a piece of paper to see if there is anything in there. be careful as there is a split in the kapon former. You don’t want to get the paper caught in the split. Look for any marks on the phase plug. Blow out the gap with an air compressor. Also look for anywhere that the spider may be unglued.

    Are you powering both sets of voice coils on each woofer? On a dual voice coil woofer, if only one set of terminals is hooked up, you risk damaging the woofer very easily.

    OJneg on #11446

    Yes, the bridging wire connecting both voice coils has always been in place.

    I just undid the phase plugs and screwed it back in. Stereo system is being moved right now but once I get it set up again I’ll give it a music test. When I move the cone back and forth with my fingers I can hear an ever so slight slight rubbing on one of the woofers. We’ll see if that’s audible.

    stryke on #11447

    If you can hear something rubbing, chances are that something got into the gap. If it is non-magnetic it is typically easy to get out, especially if it is on the ID of the coil. If it is outside the coil it is harder. If it is anything that can be held in with the magnet it can be extremely hard to get out.

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