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    johoo on #1333

    I have soon space, and an understanding wife, so I consider building a Dipole Bass Array using 5×15″ suitable drivers pr. Side. I want a system flexible enough to cross over to dipoles or horns, so decent sensitivity is required. I desire a possible upper crossover at atleast 500hz. I have no ambition to play below 30hz, and baffle width will be 60cm with wings at approx 20cm or so, giving effective baffle width of 1m. Total height will be over 2m.
    For sound, I wish it to be tight and fast. Drivers in the periscope are Dipole15 or LO15. 16 ohm drivers are mandatory

    Any advice on driver?

    stryke on #11284

    The Dipole bass array can be a great option. Going with 5 drivers simulates almost an infinite line source in room. This helps deal with early reflections floor to ceiling. The only issue is getting up to 500hz is difficult with the spacing between drivers. The best option would be to use the top 2 and bottom 2 drivers only up to about 200hz. This would fill in the bottom as the baffle starts to roll off. The middle 15″ then could go up to 500hz or even as high as 800hz with no issues. This could be all LO15’s in this design with the middle one playing from below 30hz all the way up to 800hz or so. This would essentially make a 2.5 way system with addition of a horn for the top end.

    It could be Dipole15’s top and bottom with the middle driver being an LO15 and be a full 3way as well. Crossover point around 200-250hz to the LO15.

    I plan for a modular approach for something similar. Two woofer modules on the bottom and two on top. The middle then could be a module with a horn or a module with say 2 Dipole 6’s and a Mundorf AMT which is something another person is working on now.

    johoo on #11285

    Mmy system is active with a dsp, but is there a way to design this 1.5 way array with just one amplifier? In my head, i need two separate channels?

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