Dipole 10 Open Baffle Project On Ortho Acoustic Design Ideas

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    matssvensson on #1197

    I have just finalized a project with dual Dipole 10’s, with the aim to merry the controlled directivity properties of open baffles with the ortho acoustic design ideas of the late Swedish speaker designer Stig Carlsson. Creating a speaker giving its best with conventional placement in a regular living room.

    The speakers uses actively driven dual Dipole 10’s, with Seas Excel W22NY001 for mid and Scanspeak Illuminator tweeters. They currently make real nice noise in my living room. Thank you Acoustic Elegance for a wonderful set of drivers, certainly living up to my wildest expectations! I’ll be back for future projects.

    Here are some pictures from the process:

    Initial sketch

    Bottom and top woofer installed in the W-baffle

    Assembled speaker

    Finished speakers installed in the living room

    Additional documentation is available in this diyAudio thread: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/231571-my-open-baffle-project-ortho-acoustic-design-ideas.html.

    stryke on #10839

    Hello, thank you for posting this. It looks very interesting. I posted a link up on our facebook page as well. What are you currently using for power on the Dipole10’s?

    matssvensson on #10840

    I run two paralell Dipole 10’s per speaker with the coils in series. They are fed by two channels from a Linn 4200 amplifier supplying four channels of 110W @ 8 ohm and 220W @ 4 ohm. I plan to try out connecting the coils in parallel instead, and then feed each unit from a separate channel in the amplifier to increase maximum output level capabilities.

    Regards, Mats

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