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    pompon on #51463


    I am looking to build a open baffle for my small room (9.5×12 feets).

    Baffle size will have 20-24 inch wide.
    I do not know if i will use a subwoofer or not.

    How much lower should be expecting from dipole 15 compared to lo15 ?

    My mid range will be supravox215rtf64.
    I will probably let the ae go up to 250-300.

    do i have a good advantage to use 2 x 15 inch per baffle ?

    I see ae have done special lo15 with foam surround… can you tell more about that ?

    john@aespeakers.com on #51469

    Hello Eric,

    The LO15 have about 9-10mm Xmax compared to 15mm Xmax on the Dipole15’s. This allows the Dipole15 to play lower due to more volume displacement. How low and loud is really determined mostly by the baffle size and style. I typically target about 35hz as the minimum for the LO15. At 2 per side, you would have good output to that point.

    If you wish to go below that, the Dipole15 or even Dipole18 is the better option. Typically only going up to 250-300hz, the Dipole will be the best option so you also get more low end extension.

    pompon on #51505

    Just for report.

    Here a mesurement at 10cm in front of AE Dipole 15 (green line).
    The sweep was 20 to 800hz.
    The dip at 580hz, no idea if was my acoustic … I will check tomorrow the other side if I have the same dip.

    Like you see, it’s very flat.
    In open Baffle 18 inch wide no wings in a 9.5×12 foots room, I have very good and deep bass. This woofer sound like a subwoofer more than a fullrange woofer

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    pompon on #51513

    Other side have the same hole at 580hz.
    My crossover is at 500hz and it’s very clean.

    john@aespeakers.com on #51515

    Hello. Sorry, I cannot see the images. The casimages.com page does not seem to be working.

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