Current Lead Time For TD15H with Apollo Upgrade?

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    megasat16 on #1248

    If I were to order a pair of td15h 8ohm with apollo upgrade, what is the current lead time since I place the order?

    On another note, would td18h+ can be shipped sooner than the td15h?

    What is the maximum fq the td18h+ can be crossed at?


    stryke on #10963

    Hi James,

    We just finished machining a bunch of steel parts. We have enough in there for about 20 more TD woofers. The parts will be getting delivered to the plating facility tomorrow and we expect them back within about a week. It will then take about 2 weeks to build through the current backlog. That would put shipping between 3-4 weeks.

    We do have 2 extra TD18H+4ohm here in stock that can ship immediately. The TD18H+ can extend cleanly very high. I have people EQing them flat to 10KHz for bass guitar cabinets. The problem is that they beam substantially. Typically you won’t want an 18″ driver to play much over 700hz or it begins to get narrow. If you are interested in the TD18H+4 please let us know.

    megasat16 on #10964


    Thanks for the reply! I think it is encouraging to me that the current lead time is around a month more or less.

    A buddy of mine told me that the smaller lambda driver will be better suited for the midrange xo around 1KHz with some tradeoff in the 40Hz regions.

    I will email you direct to discuss a bit more about what I need to order from you.


    stryke on #10965

    Sounds good James. Just replied to your email.

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