Cosmic Realignment (and intro :)

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    audioaficionado on #1502

    Yeah I’ve always been interested in theBeast Mk-II. My dual Seismic, six PR build is hugh and the size of a small refrigerator ~600L. I’ve got the flatstock mostly cut and all the parts already. Combined with my pair of Lambda TD15Ms, I’ve had almost $2k sitting around in boxes since 2001 🙄

    I gotta get busy during this break and try to put something together.

    That theBeast Mk-II would be so much more compact than my refrigerator sub LOL.

    Barry has his website up but I don’t see a way of buying anything from his company. I guess you’d have to call him on the phone to see if he’s still in business. It looks like Aura is getting back into the 18″ super drivers again so I don’t know where that would leave Barry.

    dB on #1503


    It’s been quite a while since we’ve spoken! Did you ever get your EMT or was it a nursing degree? Surely hope so – would be most awesome for you.

    Give me more details on your sub.

    theBeast MK-II likely will not come out as a DIY system. If I release it – it will be a finished and complete rather a High End production subwoofer.

    That’s not to say you couldn’t roll your own variant 🙂

    audioaficionado on #1504

    Yeah I got that medical back office assistent certificate of completion and evern got my national phebotomy licsence but never got local employment. I realized I aimed too low and should have gone straight for nursing or physician’s assistent and not wasted the year on the MA/Pheb deal.

    Now I’m just working as an electronics test tech for a small local assembley/board stuffing house for peanuts while taking two night classes per term towards the nursing program. Only about 20% of qualified applicants get in per year. It’s very very competitive and if you don’t have a B+ or better, your chances are slim. I missed out last spring and was 9 slots out or #41 of 130. Only 32 get in per year. I’ll try again this next year.

    Basicly my version of ‘theBeast’ is two drivers and six PRs opposing each other to effect a zero mechanical force cancellation offset using a compressive/tensile damped steel pipe-threaded rod system to bolt the opposing drivers and strongly brace the cabinate. The size will be about the same as two of your original Beasts stacked together.

    I just have to get off my A$$ and line up my ducks better to complete at least one of my four audio projects in que. I’ve got a lot of RL issues on my plate but these projects would be great once I complete them.

    My other all consuming hobby is building high-end computer workstations and overclocking the crap out of them. It’s cheaper than a car hobby 😛

    Here’s my current pride and joy:
    Iwill DH800 i875P dual Xeon workstation motherboard
    OCZ4002048PFDC-K (timing: 2.5-3-3-8-1t) two gigabyte sticks of ram overclocked to 220MHz
    Dual Prestionia Xeons 2.4 M0 Intel processors overclocked to 3.3GHz
    CoolerMaster E3W-NPTXS-04 heatpipes to cool those hot overclocked CPUs
    Antec 550W TP EPS12V powersupply to feed stable voltages to everything
    AMS gTower CF1006 aluminum windowed case
    XFX nVidia GF6600GT dual DVI video card
    Western Digital 74Gb Raptor (10k RPM) & 250GB SATA (7200 RPM) hard drives
    NEC 3500A/G DL DVD±R/W dual layer DVD burner.

    dB on #1505

    Your uber beast should be one serious woofer. Looking forward to seeing it once it’s done.

    Unfortunately for my – I now have a fiance’ who does NOT like bass or loud music, so my toy’s usually have to Loaf.

    Picked up the car hobby when I went pro – needed something to do besides speakers on my spare time 🙂 Is fun. Beating the heck out of Murcialagos, Vipers, Porsch Turbo’s, Vettes, etc in a what looks like a beatermobile is a blast 🙂

    Nice computer. Taking donations 🙂

    audioaficionado on #1506

    Yeah that sub will have to loaf too or it will shake my poor house apart LOL. Now to devise elegant grills that are cat claw proof. The cardboard boxes they shipped in got shredded in less than a month 🙄

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