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    dB on #78

    I guess I might as well introduce myself since most of you won’t know who the heck I am, having left the DIY world about 6 years ago and joined the professional scene.

    John and I have decided to join forces, with the goal of re-vamping and revitalizing AE.

    My name is Deon Bearden, though I have been affectionately dubbed dB for Dr. Bass or deciBell (Thilo Stompler / Tom Vodhanel). I got my start in DIY audio back in 1992, and learned acoustics at the hands of Joseph D’Appolitto, Poh Her Hsu, Vance Dickason, Joseph Sahyoun, Tom Nousaine, Earl Geddes, Thilo Stompler, and lastly Tim Sandrick, Roy Delgado, Jim Hunter and other industry notables. Several of whom I call friends to this day.

    I helped to teach Tom Vodhanel, and John J acoustics, subwoofer and driver design back in the day. SVS has gone on to become wildly successfull and most of you I’m sure are very aware who they are.

    For the last roughly ~~6 years, I’ve been employed by Klipsch Audio Technologies – and was recently laid off.

    As a result of my time with Klipsch, I am proficient in all aspects of acoustic product development and launch through to production. I have gleaned a thorough knowledge of acoustics; including system and driver design, room interaction, polar and power response, distortion, linear and non linear measurement, and more.

    I am now more experienced in product evaluation and documentation – competitive and resident systems, speaker and component measurement, and benchmarking than I care to be. I probably have more hours sitting behind non linearity measurement gear and magnetic FEA software than most of you have spent at work in the last three years.

    I was lucky to have access to a wonderfull multi million dollar laboratory packed with gear that would make you guys drool, and got to play with every toy in the shed you’ve ever dreamed of. Time domain and sine based data acquisition systems, 2d and 3d CAD, ultra exotic FEA software, of course the Klippel, more gear than you could shake a stick at.

    I’ve had the opportunity to manage audio product development with overseas factories, from project start up through to mass production including IQC and OQC product specific training of the factories, and production assembly line set up.

    I have under my belt more than 60 home and pro audio transducers and 30 systems designed and launched to and or in production, or resourced, with almost every single component developed using excruciating care towards eeking every last ounce of performance available for the dollar. Many of those systems have won numerous industry awards (Audio Video Grand Prix, Innovations awards, best of show’s, etc) – several systems are currently in top 10 best sellers in their categories in US according to INELEC data.

    As resident Bass Zealot – I helped implement a rigorous product development improvement program after the lab picked up a Klippel and MagNet, which helped to improve development cycle efficiency, decrease component cost, and improve acoustic performance. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time selecting and inspecting vendors, establishing IQC and OQC standards at home and overseas.

    My specialty is and always has been subwoofers. Some of you may remember theBeast, and several Aura1808 / Seismic Systems (Barry Bozeman bought out a bunch of Aura’s stock and re-badged them as 8196’s) which he sold to me direct, and I provided several SoCal DIY’rs the opportunity to aquire, and helped build some pretty fun subwoofers with…

    You should see theBeast MK-II. The first thing I did after getting to the Lab once I signed on was to teach myself how to build woofers, and develop a 15″ driver that outperformed the 1808 used in theBeast. 😎

    I consider myself lucky to cary very good relationships with several outstanding – world class even – vendors and suppliers.

    I’ll be bringing the experience and relationships I’ve developed as a proffesional in the industry to assist John with AE, in the hopes of bringing all of you world class product and service at exceptional prices.

    Beau on #1488

    Thanks for the intro Deon, Looks like a positve step for both you and John. Do you think you or John could answer my question in my payment post?
    (I understand you guys are flat out)
    Thanks Heaps Beau.

    dB on #1489


    I believe John already answered. 🙂

    R. Buszka on #1490

    Like I said … John needs an “AE Customer Service” forum.

    tim on #1491


    Sorry to hear about your layoff. I hope you find success in your new venture. It will be interesting to see what new designs you come up with. What are you using for home speakers these days?

    I hope that you guys pursue some high efficiency designs. Most of my loudspeaker experimentation these days is done with 15″ pro sound drivers and a variety of different compression drivers and horns.


    rob-formica on #1492

    Hi Deon… yeah, don’t worry… some of us know who you are… 🙂 I just didn’t expect to cross paths with you here. Are you full time at AE now?

    AE has great potential… especially given the relatively long delays the competition seems to be having in introducing new products. Although I’m not in the market for more drivers yet (still got to get those IB15’s in) … feel free to probe the forums for what the market is looking for.

    Welcome back to the world of DIY.

    Klipsch speakers, AE Subs…

    audioaficionado on #1493

    Howdy Deon, 😀

    Long time no see eh?

    I’m real sorry about that layoff. I know how hard you worked to get in there and how much you enjoyed working there. I won’t pry as to the reasons. Every time I saw something of Klipsch anywhere, I always though of you and wondered how things were going.

    I never got a medical back office assistant job in spite of excellent grades. Wrong gender, no prior experience and ‘No habla espanol’ LOL. I’m trying to get in a local CC RN program now where the jobs are plentiful and they take all qualified people irregardless of age and gender.

    I’ve put my DIY audio hobby on the back burner several years ago and focused mostly on keeping employed and going to college. I still have those great Seismics you sourced me and all the PR parts I got from Nick and John. I hope to actually start building them in the very near future.

    Nice to see you agin d00d and I look forward to some excellent content here and at the AE store.

    Steve Hanna

    JimRHIT on #1494

    Congrats and welcome Deon!!!

    Would you believe that over three years ago we met here? Audiomobiles ring a bell, hehehe.

    I owe a lot to you dude, you taught me a LOT and someday I want to be mentioned on that list of guys above 🙂

    I wish we could have brought you out this way .. but I cannot deny that I am REALLY excited to see what you can bering to the table for John J here.

    Good luck with everything dude and say hey to Lis and Kota for me


    any chance you guys are coming out to the CE show?

    dB on #1495


    wOw – everyone I used to know looks to be coming out of the wood-work!! Over-time at the moment is more like it, but yes – this is my new day and night job. We currently have little in stock. Enough motors to build about 40 A.V. 12’s. A couple I.B.’s. We’re considering airing in some drivers materials. That aside I’ll be placing a fairly large order for some here shortly. Working out logistics at the moment.


    JEEZE Long Time no talk!! Your 8196’s were really Aurasound 1808’s that Barry Bozeman purchased from Aurasound the first time they re-structured. I was only able to get them at 1/4 cost because I was a zealot. After leaving the DIY world I was able to help him with a few issues he had sourcing parts, then he disappeared. No idea what became of him. Have you heard anything? I haven’t spoken to him in over 5 years 🙁


    Double wow! Since I err… anyway… didn’t think you’d ever look back to the DIY world! Small world bud!!

    Both of you, and everyone else watching. Initially, we’ll be looking to stock our stores with some of the woofers you’ve come to appreciate that John currently offers. The A.V series 12’s and 15’s, will receive major distortion reducing motor and suspension improvements, along with a healthy injection of electromotive force. We may be airing in I.B. 15’s to fill the current requests we have there. (Yes that will kill any profits on those – but we want to satisfy your orders) And will be bringing an economically priced subwoofer that will be the head of its class in terms of performance per dollar, in both excursion, and electromotive force.

    Once we have those moving – those of you who know me (I was responsible to johns original dB HE series 15’s among other interesting woofers (take a look around the net for dB woofers – you might run into a few more…..) won’t be disappointed. We’ll be offering up something special in the next few months.

    First things first though – we’ll get the AV and IB series up and moving – and bring in the econo woofers. (Think annihilate NHT’s, Titanic’s, and Shiva’s for far less) Once we get those off and going – keep your ears perked. There will most definitely be serious seismic activity in your neighborhoods soon!!


    MikeSpoolin on #1496

    Geez…Deon was speaking of getting into the car audio world, but I had no idea he was going to be selling woofers! You guys haven’t seen anything yet. The 15″ woofer he built me ended up pushing the hatch glass out of my car! He told me it would, but I didn’t believe him until I actually did blow the hatch glass out.

    Just a teaser to let you know what to expect, the driver Deon developed to outperform the Seismic / Aura piece…it weighs over 90 lbs, and displaces more than 9 liters linear, with more than twice the motor force of the 1808 woofer. Deon calls it theBeast Mk-II. I’ve never seen theBeast but this thing is ungodly ginormus.

    Check this out: Click here

    Mike “Spoolin”

    R. Buszka on #1497

    If you can orchestrate it well, this may just be the injection of new product that can revitalize the subwoofer DIY market. Also, we need to get some project pages with step-by-step goodness for the DIY n00bs out there who might be a little intimidated. The availability of product needs to be followed by availability of information.


    Everybody buy drivers and inject this place with some capital. AE Speakers are all I recommend anymore.

    Mike — another local basshead! When I’m not at school, I live on the very south side of Westfield. We three (dB, myself, and yourself) should hook up and have a bass-O-thon or something.

    JimRHIT on #1498

    C’mon now Deon … I can’t stay away from this!!! Besides, I am gonna be building a theater for my parents this summer. Dad finally retired and they moved back to NY.

    I’ll probably be doing a 4 or 8 15″ IB setup for them … so let’s see what we can do for em 🙂

    I’ll be switching them to all Revel stuff in the near future hear for the speakers … don’t really feel like building them something … but one thing is FOR SURE … a DIY-basshead I will always be 🙂

    PS – you were so right about the SilverStar, wow … I got one coming next month!!!!

    rob-formica on #1499

    @db wrote:

    We may be airing in I.B. 15’s to fill the current requests we have there. (Yes that will kill any profits on those – but we want to satisfy your orders)

    Would that imply those will be the last of the IB15’s? Just curious…

    @db wrote:

    And will be bringing an economically priced subwoofer that will be the head of its class in terms of performance per dollar

    A killer IB18’er comes to mind given none are currently available… but that may be somewhat a biased opinion 😉

    In any case, sounds like some great stuff comming…

    AJinFLA on #1500

    Hi there,

    I’ll be very interested to see what develops here. As a diehard DIYer, it’s always better to have more choices IMHO. John and Deon, good luck with this venture, I can only wish you success.
    Most (if not all) of the domestic, small operations that make subs for the DIY market tend to focus on “sub” woofers, or “air movers”. Along with those type of drivers (needed for SPL at the lowest frequencies of course) I’d like to see some “woofers” that can go head to head with the pro type drivers that have usable response well past the “sub” range. The Lambda drivers seem to fit this mold.
    Clear, concise specs and graphs (with both on and off axis response) would be nice (just like the *good* big guys – SEAS, D-S-T, etc).
    I’ll be watching 😉 .



    p.s. – a pic gallery of projects using your drivers is also a must 🙂

    R. Buszka on #1501

    AJinFLA – you might like to take a look at the Lambda PC series. They have paper cones and are available with the copper faraday motor. Probably not available now, but in the near future you might be on the lookout for something very similar, since AE Speakers seems to be very committed to continuing the Lambda series, possibly with some improvements. Right now the best seller seems to be the purpose-built IB line, followed by the performance-oriented AV series. It seems to me, from my conversations, that AE Speakers plans to offer a wide line of products, but the new ones are going to be geared more towards the needs of the car audio market – the “air-movers” as you mentioned – yet the distinction between AE Speakers and other manufacturers of car audio products is that AE Speakers products won’t be sacrificing any audio fidelity to achieve that extra output, which means they can remain attractive products for the DIY enthusiast. The new AV woofers will be direct drop-ins for cabinets built for older AV woofers. At least that won’t be going away anytime soon. And as far as I know the Lambda woofers won’t be going away, though they may get some updating in the motors, which are by modern standards fairly basic. AE Speakers has always been an envelope pusher, especially with the HE15 woofer back when AE Speakers was Stryke Audio. And according to my discussions, the future holds many more envelope-pushing efforts, driven mainly not by DIY enthusiasm, but by the more envelope-pushing spirit of the car audio world. What I wonder, though, is how much envelope-pushing the raw driver market can handle. Eventually you’ll have people sitting in their car and then they’ll crank up their stereo and their heads will explode and throw brains and guts all over the inside of the windows, or their hearts will go all arrhythmic from all the bass and they’ll pass out and die or something. At least with the car audio market, the natural reaction will be “sweeeet”, and then everyone else will want a car system that can explode their head or kill them with bass as well. There are only a few DIYers who are willing to do such ambitious envelope-pushing designs, yet with car audio stuff there is a larger market (much more competitive – but AE Speakers has a competitive edge) where everyone wants to outdo everyone else. So AE Speakers drivers will still be useful (and indeed well-suited) for DIY home theater projects but they will have the added cosmetic appeal and envelope-pushingness that goes with the car audio thing.

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