Cone designs

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    glyphin on #1368

    I found John’s post about Hoffman’s Iron Law to be illuminating.

    If the main difference between the TDxS and SBP designs is cone mass, which lowers top end efficiency, are there any other differences in cone performance? Seems like higher mass could allow for more damping or stiffness, which could reduce cone-derived distortion at equal volume?

    Any thoughts about exotic cone designs like Vandersteen’s carbon fiber plus balsa wood sandwich?

    stryke on #11428

    The mass in the SBP is added with the dustcap, so there is really no change to the cone stiffness. Although the cone is now divided into two sections, the area outside the dustcap and the are inside. The dustcap will make it stiffer at this point.

    Exotic materials can have some benefits. Carbon fiber/foam sandwich cones can give very good stiffness and damping. This can have some benefit in higher order distortions from 5th order through 10th order. For most purposes though, the cone resonances are already placed well outside the intended bandwidth so there is not a massive increase in performance.

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