Classic VW IB set up

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    xqwuynx on #1372

    Can I cut a hole in the firewall and mount an AE IB10AU sub or 12″ on a piece if mdf and dynamat everything up front and in the front trunk? Would this work well and sound good? I was thinking I may need to large hole up where the spare tire sits to allow the rear wave to vent outside.

    stryke on #11431

    It is very common to use the trunk space as the infinite baffle enclosure in a vehicle. In the case of the VW with the trunk being in front it could be possible. I cannot recommend cutting holes into the structure of the vehicle though as I would not want to be responsible for that. Volume wise there should be enough room in this trunk though to support the IB10AU or SBP12 though if you could make it work.

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