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    What things do I need to take into account when figuring out internal box volume? Say I have a target volume of 9 cu.ft. Do I need to add the space the ports and drivers take up? If so, how much space do two AV12 drivers and 113.68 in. of 6 in. pvc pipe take up or how can I figure that out?

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    For the most accurate models – everything in the enclosure (including ports, bracing and drivers) that reduces internal volume needs to be counted for.

    Use ~ .15 cubic feet for AV-12’s. Formula for tubular volume is Pi*R^2* length. In your case 3*3=9*~Pi = ~~28.27 sq in *113.68″ (that is an odd # and aweful long port) = 3214 cubic inches / 1728 = 1.86 cu ft. So. Add drivers and port of about 2.16 cu ft to your enclosure volume.

    Curious what this is for? Are you trying to design an 8.5hz box with the first pipe organ resonance centered on ~~ 30hz, with peak to trough amplitudes in excess of 30dB?

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    Actually Deon, I gave 112in. because I have 2 55.36in. ports and i wanted to know the total volume. I’m shooting for 16.7hz.

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    Also, is it 0.15 cu.ft. per AV12 or 0.15 for both?

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    .15 per each

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    Thanks Deon

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