Cabinet/Xover plans for TD12H + TAD TD2001?

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    dubkarma on #1308

    I’ve been looking for a suitable 12″ woofer to cross over around 1000 Hz to a TAD TD2001 compression driver and Emilar EH800 horn. The TD12H seems to fit the bill.

    I would like to house the woofer in a 2-3 cu. ft. (50 to 80 litre) ported cabinet.

    Are any plans available for housing the TD12H, or does everyone just use the various “bass box” programs that I’m told are available?

    Any advice/suggestions/directions would be appreciated!

    Thanks, Joel.

    dubkarma on #11228

    Addendum to previous post: I’d be looking to achieve an F3 of around 40 Hz.

    The idea is to end up with a smallish pair of monitors that don’t need a subwoofer. For the ultra-high SPLs and ultra-deep bass response I’ve got some large format TADs and Tannoys that do the job; this project would be for speakers in a smallish 10 x 15 ft. room. Thanks! Joel.

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