C12.1 SQ setup in my Volvo 850

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    ChasB on #295

    This is only the beginning of my massive project.

    First: the design, an aperiodic bi-chamber, designed for maximum SQ.

    Next is the mostly cut Stack ‘o’ Wood ™. Had to cut the long pieces using the circular saw and straight edge method due to our crappy table saw.

    Wave guide round over.

    Loaded chamber’s brace drying with some waveguides attached.

    Baffle…Yes, I know my car needs to be cleaned.

    Our quality control kitten making sure everything is glued properly. Having 3 drills is great for getting screws in.


    It sounds great once the 880 reset the EQ. Next project is probably door panels, I found a nice write up for another Volvo which I will use for a model.


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